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Excerpt from my novel


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Well, thank you, that's very kind of you! I'll happily send you a copy when I've finished the first draft if you'd like. It'll be at least a few months though, I'm aiming for having it done by Christmas :smile:


I've actually taken a break for the past couple of days and written a few shorts about Ysabel's adventures in her later years. There's one I'd like to share in the Druid's Den but it has very strong language throughout and a couple of adult references.


Would I be able to post it if I spoiler-tag, put "NSFW" in the title and include a clear warning about the content?



It's not erotic or anything along those lines. The content is in the name of humour more than anything else :)

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We hold the Druid's section to a bit lesser rule set than the rest of the site. I would think that it would be fine (based on what you say) with a NSFW spoiler reference. However if you are concerned I can review it before you post (muh haa haa I read first!!) and make sure it is ok.


So far as it is not horribly graphic I would think it's fine with that and a announcement it is NSFW and contains adult content.

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Hehe, to be fair I've probably made it sound worse than it actually is. It's just got a ton of bad language involved and a few references to adult content, not any actual adult content.


I'll post it with the warnings and spoiler protection as I said :)



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