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Change back new names in texts and map?

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Hi there, :turned:
I have been looking a few days now through the web to find if there is a way to edit shown names they changed from original to definitive edition (e.g. New Ark is now North Park, Hoboken is now Holbrook, Oak Hill is Beech Hill etc.).
There have been several little changes in that matter, and having played original Mafia for literally dozens of time this is bugging me more each time I stumble upon these changes. And yes, I know this won't change any spoken names.

There seems to be no mod beating this "issue" already - as far as I have seen.
For the original Mafia game there was an "game file unpacker" mod, unpacking all game files to get all the image files, text files, audio files etc. as raw data. Like this also non-modding-experienced people could change the game (e.g. real ads by changing files, insert new cars etc.).
Is there anything similar for the definitive, too?

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