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Request: Hearthfire - Lakeview - External Structures


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I am looking for a mod that changes the appearance of the outside of the Lakeview property. Currently certain rooms have certain exterior structures, I would like a mod that doesn't necessarily replace but adds addition construction options to the property. For example the west wing bedrooms and the north storage room could be produced with the peak roof rather than the balcony, therefore in these cases there would be 2 bedroom and 2 storage room choices in the drafting menu. Apparently I have heard that Hearthfire can be a painful/messy thing to mod; therefore to assist and to avoid conflicts with other mods, the upstairs doors which would normally lead out onto the balcony would not necessarily have to be removed from the interior. For example they could be linked to added doors somewhere on the exterior of the building or if the creator is adventurous then to new dusty, triangular loft cells.



- Mod for purposes of aesthetics not immersion or expansion,

- Only needs to effect the exterior of the property,

- Shouldn't replace any existing construction options,

- Should provide at minimum peaked roofs (similar to the kitchen, greenhouse etc) to the three balconied extensions,

- Creators choice on tweaks (e.g. extra doors, small gabled balcony for upstairs door exit) and extension beyond remit to include tower extensions,

- Minimal changes to the interior cell.


I hope someone is interested in this and can produce it.


Thank you


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I too would love a mod like this.


Currently I can build a Hearthfire home with all the wings I want but the end result is an exterior that looks awful. I don't want a balcony over my bedroom, I want a peaked roof, gosh darn it!


To be able to choose exactly which wings go where would be great too, I'd love a library tower on the north side of my home but the only place it can go now is the east side, forcing me to choose between books or tasty baked goods and sticking out of the side of the house very much like a sore thumb.

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