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In your opinion - What is the Worst Game You Have Ever Played From &#6


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An interesting topic I've had with my friends for quite a while - What is the worst game you have ever played? In my opinion, it would have to be Superman 64. Somehow, that felt like a joke XD

Anyway, post your thoughts! :biggrin:


PS: The title is supposed to have '<2000' at the end of it.... perhaps it didn't work? I don't know... :P

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Superman 64 is well up there, another stinker on that system was Carmageddon 64. The one that really sticks in my mind is Rise of the Robots on the SNES, it was hyped up to be the best thing ever but in reality it was dreadful.

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Of the games I have played... Let alone actually owned.


Metal Morph for the SNES. If the T-1000 terminator trope and Heavy Metal music ever had a combined turd, that would be it. Ugh.

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I've only played a few games that had ever been a let down for me. 1) E.T - got that amongst other games when I went on a retro binge when I was younger. That game had no point? 2) Rise of the Robots - It just sucked. 3) Tron Evolution: I really wanted to like the game but I really really felt like I'd wasted my money on this purchase :(

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Final Fantasy X and every single Episode after it...

I played Final Fantasy since the FF1. I loved it. Some might think that it's stupid because of the pixlish graphics, but I loved it not for the way it was made graphically. I loved the story.


They made sense there! The stories and characters had purpose and it had so much replay qualities and still has. But while I played FFX I couldn't figure out the story. I still can't... Many characters felt hollow as if they were just there to fill an empty spot in the crew. Not as if they really matter to it at all... You couldn't bind to the characters at all.


The same goes for FF XIII. Hell, I played 6 hours of the game and the only people I really could understand were Hope, Snow and Sazh. The others I hated right from the start. Bahamuth looked more like a disfigured samurai than a dragon! Every Bestia became a machine! What the hell?! And the story is also stupid! First I hated the humans and than the humans are Espers that try to kill humans!?! It's one Plot-Twist after another! This is too much.


I wished they would go back to the old way. With a solid story that made sense, a battle system that was good to handle and a skill tree that doesn't confuse us and makes us learn skills we didn't even want to take Dx

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