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turn off respawning enemies?

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Hi all, I just beat the game's main story line. Had a lot of fun, and I heard some side quests are treasures =)

I have a gripe though. As fighting became more fun to execute with new abilities, fighting also got stale and annoying. I have to admit, a lot of this was due to me feeling lost for a good amount of the game, covering old ground many times over. But I doubt I'm alone in feeling lost.

Personally I think the game would keep more fresh and rewarding, maintaining a creepier atmosphere if enemies stayed dead. When you saw and heard enemies, you'd feel progress, the story is advancing and this battle will be more dangerous than the last.

Lore friendly note, ideally enemies should only portal spawn using the portal spots that you end up taking over, otherwise they should just be there floating creepy like

However, the game might become more difficult without the xp gained from spawners.

Thoughts? and Thanks!

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