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Mods that are redundant with Stewie's Tweaks (List)


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This is a list of mods that are redundant with lStewieAl's Tweaks. By redundant, it means that their effects can be reproduced without the use of an esp/esm, relying purely on Tweaks to do the job.


It is by no means a complete list, so feel free to suggest additions.



-This list has been pretty much entirely made by AVeryUncreativeUsername :cool:.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) means they are a GameSetting tweak, meaning they can tweaked via Tweaks' GameSetting value-changing feature.

- For those unfamiliar as to what Gamesettings are, Gamesettings are documented here.

- lStewieAl added a feature some time ago that reads ini files placed in the "NVSE/Plugins/Tweaks/GameSettings" folder.
- These ini files are read by Tweaks, and gamesettings are changed in accordance to those file's contents. This is done after esps are loaded, so they overwrite those changes.
- For formatting examples and gamesetting preset files, see Misc. Gamesettings Tweaks. The (*) items are all available in this mod's preset collection, with the same name.


For those having difficulty finding where some Tweaks INI setting are located, simply use Ctrl+F to search for it in "nvse_stewie_tweaks.ini".


Onto the list itself...

Redundant esps/esms

Ammo Count Memory - Use bRememberWeaponAmmos
Any mod that makes items weightless - Use bWeightlessItems
Better Pickup Prompt - Use bBetterPickupPrompt
Deselect Quests (c16) - Use bDeselectQuests or bCacheQuestAndNoteMenu
Enhanced Camera Ground Sink Fix - Use bFixEnhancedCameraGroundSinkBug
Every save manager - Use bImprovedAutoSave
Faster Sleep Wait (RoyBatty) – Use bFasterSleepWait
Faster Start Menu (Skip Splash Screens) - Use bFasterTitleMenu
Interior Fog Remover – Use bDisableInteriorFog
LevelCapPerkEveryLevel – Use iMaxCharacterLevel
Max Level Adjustment – Use iMaxCharacterLevel
Max Level Cap 255 and Perk Every Level – Use iMaxCharacterLevel
No ''Place Map Marker'' Popup - Use bNoPlaceMarkerPopup
Perk Every Level*
Project Nevada scope zoom - Use bAdjustableScopeZoom and fMinFOVMult=1 under [Adjustable Zoom]
Quest Item Hider - Use bHideMiscQuestItems
Simple Less Skill Points - Skills points are configurable with bModifySkillPointsEarned.
Sit to Wait – Use bOnlyAllowWaitWhileSitting
Terminals Use HUD Color NV - Use bAddRGBSliders and bTerminalsUseHUDColor
TTW Optional - Fallout 3 VATS*
TTW Optional – Perk Every Level*
TTW Optional - XP Reduction – Use bReduceXP
Weapon Mod Menu - Use bUnequipWeaponMods and bItemModMenuShowUnownedMods

Redundant NVSE plugins

Ammo Has Weight (NVSE) – Use bHardcoreTweaks and bAmmoWeight
Audio Distortion Remover (NVSE) – Use bNoAudioDistortion
Better Autowalk (NVSE) – Use bBetterAutoWalk
Combined Combat XP (NVSE) – Use bNoXPBarInCombat
Compass Height Indicator (NVSE) – Use bCompassNPCHeightIndicator and bCompassQuestHeightIndicator
Console Numpad Support (NVSE) - Use bConsoleNumpadSupport
Debug Lockpick GUI (NVSE) – Use bDebugLockpickMenu
Deselect Quests (NVSE) – Use bDeselectQuests or bCacheQuestAndNoteMenu
Disable Karma Messages and Sounds – Use bNoKarmaMessages
Disable Karma Messages and Sounds – Use bNoKarmaMessages
Disable XP Popup (NVSE) – Use bNoXPMessages
Enhanced Camera Ground Sink Fix (NVSE) – Use bFixEnhancedCameraGroundSinkBug
Fallout 76 Encumbrance (NVSE) – Use bOverencumberedTweak
Faster Sleep Wait (NVSE) – Use bFasterSleepWait
Faster Sleep Wait and Faster Sleep Wait (NVSE) – Use bFasterSleepWait
Faster Start Menu Loading – Use bFasterTitleMenu
Godmode Needs No Ammo (NVSE) – Use bGodmodeNeedsNoAmmo
Hide Unmarked Compass Locations (NVSE) – Use bHideInvisibleUndiscoveredLocations
Inactive Window Scroll Fix - Use bPreventInactiveWindowScrolling.
Jump While Aiming (NVSE) – Use bJumpWhileAiming
Manual Reload (NVSE) – Use bManualReload
No Cripple-Critical Messages (NVSE) – Use bNoCrippleCriticalMessages
No Loading DLC Popup at Start Menu (NVSE) – Use bNoStartMenuDLCPopup
No Pause on Alt-Tab (NVSE) – Use bNoAltTabPause
No Pipboy in Combat – Use bNoPipBoyInCombat
No Screenshot Popup (NVSE) – Use bNoScreenshotPopup
No Skill Tags (NVSE) – Use bNoSkillTags
NVSE - No Radial Blur When Damaged - Use bDisableHitShader
Rapid Reload Speed Fix (NVSE) – Use bRapidReloadFix
Remember Bobby Pin Health (NVSE) – Use bRememberBobbyPinHealth
Run While Aiming (NVSE) – Use bAimingSpeed
Scrolling Doesn't Switch POV (NVSE) – Use bNoScrollwheelPOVChange
Simple Saves (NVSE) – Use bImprovedAutoSave
Sit to Wait (NVSE) – Use bOnlyAllowWaitWhileSitting
Skip Deathcam Hotkey (NVSE) – Use bSkipDeathcamHotkey
Smooth True Iron Sights Camera – Use bSmoothIronsightsCameraTransition
Ultrawide Black Box Fix (NVSE) – Use bUltrawideSupport
Unlocking Containers Doesn't Show Menu (NVSE) – Use bDontShowContainerAfterLockpick
Unnecessary Tweaks – Too many settings to list.
Unvisited Cell Indicator (NVSE) – Use bPatchUnseenCellName
Wait in Midair (NVSE) – Use bSleepWaitAnywhere

Partially Redundant/Overlapping Functionality

This section is for mods which have some overlap with Stewie's Tweaks, but still have features you might want to use.

Tutorial Killer - bDisableTutorialMessages has some overlap, but Tutorial Killer also handles things such as faction disguise and DLC quest messages. They can be used together.

iHUD/oHUD - You can set a hotkey in Tweaks to hide the HUD. However oHUD will still show elements of the HUD when they are needed which Tweaks does not currently do. oHUD also has various other features which Tweaks does not have. You may also look at The HUD Editor by IntenseMute as a replacement for oHUD.

Inventory Search (Pintocat) - Use bMenuSearch - Inventory Search has a UI which you may prefer, however Stewie's version can be used on many more menus.

Dynamic Pip-Boy Light - Features an option to change the HUD color. Stewie's version is bAddRGBSliders which adds sliders to the settings menu.

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