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Medusa and Drakul armours doesn`t work! Help, please?


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Hey guys, I have a major problem with this mod! But first lets start with the beggining:

I have recently discovered this mod and because the armours look so awsome I decided to manually install it. I downloaded the files, extract the files to the desktop, put the .esp file in the data folder of the mod and then I copyed the data file into location where is the Skyrim on my computer and I combined the 2 data files (I combined the data folder of the mod with the Data folder of the game). After that, happy that I finally get the mod installed I started to play the game.

I have unlocked the Kjenstag ruins and I sprint N-E from the ruins. What I have founded? Some Storm camp, a Bandits fireplace, and a cave with a Ice Troll guarding an (normal) chest witch contains some normal armour, lockpics and some gold. After that I saw that I didn`t find that dam chest I started to search on net, maybe I unlnstalled the mod correctly, maybe some guy posted a video on how to install the mod and where is that Locked chest and the "Athena" spider. What I have found? ALMOST NOTHING!!!! Almost everyone is so happy with this mod and start to thanks to the guy who made the mod but only a few complains about this mod, about the fact that IT DOESN`T WORK, at least in my case. And, NOBODY BUT ABSOLUTELY NOBODY DIDN`T HAD THE IDEEA TO MAKE A VIDEO ON HOW TO INSTALL THIS MOD AND WHERE IS THAT F**KING CHEST AND THAT F**KING SPIDER?!?!

I`m really pissed off! I spend hours just to find the spider and the chest!!!! I even reinstalled the mod in the game folder! BUT IT SIMPLY REFUSE TO WORK!

And, if you wonder how is the mod is installed, here it is:

Program Files (x86) -> Elder Scrolls V Sryrim -> Data -> Interface, meshes (armour -> Medusa Armour, Drakul armour, with all the specifc files), Strings, textures (armour -> Drakul armour, Medusa armour, with all the files in it; cupemaps ->drakuldark_e.dds, Medusadark_e.dds), Video, Medusa and Drakul Armors.esp and the rest is just the game BSA files.

I have also launched the game launcher but I the Data Files in it is still grey and ikd why! I hearded that if the mod is installed the Data Files on the launcher should be active!

So, my questions are: what I should do to make this mod to work? My mod installation isn`t correctly done? And where is that stupid spider and the chest??? What should I do? I really want that Medusa armour for my female Dark Elf!!!

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