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On a french Persistant World i worked for we had the idea to make a Newspaper system using a TGA file in the hack(we had a special hack for this so the download was very fast for update).That was working pretty fine but the pw is now closed and the scripter wich one made this don't give me news since.

I'd like to know if someone is able to reproduct the script thing cause i think it was a great improvment for module ambience.


In game you could buy an object wich when you were using it spawned a window with the news paper file. http://server.elechos.net/elechos_presse.jpg


If someone can reproduce the script/system i will do some préfab newspaper so people just have to put theyr text into it with the gimp or photoshop with appropriate fonts.

I don t know if this could be made directly IG btw.I think it should be but would ask some more development.



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It can be done in the normal game without any special scripting, if you make an object that starts a conversation file when you use it. Any conversation file can have any TGA assigned on each node. So, for instance, you could flip through different pages of the same newspaper, or have a single newspaper item display different pages depending on journal entries.


TGA files displayed in conversations take up the full screen, though, and they stretch out depending on whether the player is playing in a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. Given that 16:9 is long since standard for all monitors, I suggest making your TGAs fit that size, and make them at least 1920x1080. They'll scale down and look good if the player has a lower resolution, but scaling up doesn't look good.

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