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Nicky - The Wiseguy Companion - Quest

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Hey people! I recently uploaded a companion to the New Vegas Nexus! He is fully voiced (by me) with a functioning companion wheel.


He's found in Gomorrah and will automatically follow the Courier if asked. Right now he has no quest, and no back story. After much frustration I got him to work as a companion, and I have no idea how to make a quest that is of the scale that I was imagining for this character. What I need from the modding community is a couple experienced modders that can help me with the technical aspect of this. Here's the basic story that I've thought of:


Nicky (VERY loosely based off of Nicky Santoro from "Casino") recently arrived at Gomorrah all the way from New Reno. Nicky was a captain in the Mordino family (from Fallout 2), and one of his soldiers (underlings) gave him and his whole crew up to another family that they were at war with (the Bishop family). Nicky managed to make it into hiding, but his whole crew was slaughtered by the Bishops. As he was leaving New Reno, he caught word from a connection of his that one of his soldiers, Carlo, had not been hit by the Bishops, and that Carlo was also fleeing town. Nicky had a gut feeling that Carlo was the one that ratted them out, so he followed a trail of bread crumbs (much like the Courier did with Benny) that led him all the way to New Vegas. By the time Nicky arrived in Freeside, he had spent all of the caps he was able to bring with him, so he worked as muscle for the Garret twins for a few weeks until he could afford a counterfeit passport to get onto the strip. Once on the strip, he visited the Gomorrah casino to talk to an old friend, Joe the Barber, and try to find out where Carlo was hiding. Before talking to Joe, however, Nicky meets the Courier on the Gomorrah casino floor. From there, after he is enlisted as a companion, Nicky asks the Courier to go with him to make a visit to Joe. Joe is an experienced hitman for the omertas, but an old childhood friend of Nicky's. When speaking to Joe, the Courier learns that Carlo had in fact recently visited the strip, and that he was staying in a penthouse suite upstairs in Gomorrah. Upon visiting the sweet, Nicky and the Courier find that it had recently been vacated, but there was a note on the bed. The note was written by Carlo, but addressed to a girl he had been with the previous night. Upon investigating the note, they learn that Carlo had hired some gangsters from Gomorrah as body guards because he suspected that Nicky was coming after him, (he afforded it because he was paid handsomely by the Bishops) and fled to a hidden bunker in the Ivanpah Dry Lake. Once Nicky and the Courier arrive outside of the bunker, Nicky initiates dialogue with the courier discussing the plan for Carlo's assassination. Here the Courier has many options: [(Explosives: 50) Place C4 on the hatch and cave in the bunker], , [(Speech: 70) Convince Nicky to go in and do it alone {Nicky dies/-500 karma}], [(Speech: 90) Convince Nicky to not kill Carlo {+300 karma}, [(No Requirements) Enter the bunker and kill Carlo and his guards] If you decide to enter the bunker, you will be confronted by Carlo and his well armed guards. After you kill all of them, Nicky will talk to you, thanking you for your help. At that point you will gain the "Made Man" perk: [Throughout your adventures together, Nicky has taught you to be a better gangster. Your karma is reset to 0 (neutral), and while Nicky is with you, you will have +10 speech, +10 guns, and idolized status on the strip.]


I know that was a lot, and to those of you who read the whole thing, good on you! This is what I would really want help with. To get started helping build this amazing quest for my companion, email me at:

[email protected].

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