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Flat-chested Female Argonians, magnetic mesh


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i guess we have to make 3 options, then. flat argonians, flat khajits, and both combined. proooobably should do a mesh-only version too, in case there are some people using custom textures, so they dont overwrite... hmm. maybe well do this: argonian mesh, khajit mesh, argonian and khajit mesh, and a manual download of the modified vanilla argonian texture, they can just drop into their data folder.

any thoughts on this?

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You can skip the combined version and just use one version for each race.



I don't think it would be realistic to remove breasts from khajiit... Granted, cats don't have noticeable breasts, but it's a mostly human mammal with feline traits added on. Reptiles that look mostly human are one thing, but mammals that look mostly human are another.


Ftr, I didn't check to see if they shared armor meshes. I just checked the body meshes.


You think they are feline humanoids and I think they are humanoid felines.

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we have a visual update from our very hard working insanityman!

as you can see, our lovely model is very much flatter now




i feel bad that he is doing all the work on this... i would help him more, but im pretty noob at modding stuff.

is there anyone here good with meshwork or the CK who can help him out?

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Has there been any progress on this? That WIP looks absolutely amazing!

I've tried fiddling with armors before without much luck and have a good understanding of the CK, but this is a project I'd love to help out with and would re-learn everything for, especially with the nice tutorials I've come across. Flat-chested argonians need to be in Elder Scrolls once again!

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Unfortunately, I've not made much progress on the mesh since that last WIP screenshot, due to lack of free time. Because of such lack of free time, I probably won't be able to work on it in the near-future. I could post the mesh that I have so far, but honestly, it would probably be better to start over with the mesh than try to work from what I've done so far. It could probably be done in a much better way that what I was attempting.

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this is what we have so far, courtesy of insanityman. you cant tell much in the preview, but up close you can see some strangeness around the outline of where the breast would be, as well as the nipple area. can you tell if this is because the diffuse texture was made to stretch here, or is it an issue with the normal map?


is this ever going to become a mod? Lol. There should also be one where female khajit have like 8 nipples but are also flat chested

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