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Can't add lines to module.ini - game crash


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i want add subotai armor in mount&blade warband (version 1.153).. i add the brf and texture files in resources and textures folders respectively in native module folder.. then i edited module.ini, adding lines "load_mod_resource = sbtai_plate".. however the game crash to desktop when loading ini files (in loading screen)..

i also edit item_kinds1.txt to make lines for new armor.. i tried not to edit module.ini this time and hope it will loaded automatically.. however, my new items appeared in arm store, but with blank icon, and when i click it, it shows red line "unable to find mesh sbtai_plate".. the game not crashed but can't use the armor i add..

so, anyone can help please? can i add subotai armor in mb warband? and how to do it correctly?


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