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DAI Mods Not Working


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Hey all! I've peeled through the threads here and can't seem to find a solution to my problem. I was playing through DAI for the first time this year and installed some nice mods for my qunari female (just some hair mods) and a mod for iron bull -- the popular one Horns Up. Thats about it. They were working great the whole time, but when I took about a month vacation and came back to play this month (August 2021) I found my mods just weren't working anymore.

I know the mod manager I use has been abandoned and I went ahead and reinstalled everything -- the mods and the manager. Went through the same process I had before of merging and so on but the mods just aren't working. I found no 'Mod' file that needed to be deleted.

My game is played through Steam, I don't know if this is relevant.

I also saw the Mod Manager I use has a discord, but the link is expired I believe.

Thank you for all your help in advance!



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This is up-to-date link to the DAI modding discord. I believe dai mod manager/tools suite should still work with steam. For the hair, did you make sure that under mesh quality settings under options > graphics in the game, that you have the mesh quality set to ultra? 3d model edit mods like hair mods won't show up, otherwise. Also make sure you weren't using multiple hair mods that edit the same hair since we can only replace stuff in game, we can't add new stuff, so if you have multiple replacements of the same hair then only one of those replacements will show up.


Also, mods tend not to show up in DLCs if you're in a DLC area, unless you're using an additional mod to make them show up there.


I'd also maybe visit your dai mod manager merged mods folder, usually this is the folder where you have your game installed (where you would have pointed the mod manager to when you set it up), the Dragon Age Inquisition folder, update > Patch_ModManagerMerge. Delete it then remerge your mods and see if that helps rejig anything.

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