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M&B Warband Quest Issue


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I'm not sure if it's because of the Native Expansion mod I'm using (ver 605b), I've not had issues with it before, but I've a bit of a problem with a quest for my village.

I can't remember the name of the quest but it involves flushing out smugglers from a nearby city. The quest log says I have 30 days to complete the quest, yet no sooner have I left my town than the quest fails.


Just outside my town was a small enemy war party. I couldn't leave my town unprotected (I knew they were going to loot it) so, instead of making a beeline for the city I chased them down and fought them. When the battle was over I continued on my way (it was only a short distance between my town and the larger city). Not even half way there and my quest regarding the smugglers fails.

Maybe that battle with enemy soldiers put things out of whack, or even though it said I had 30 days it meant 30 minutes? :shrug:


It wasn't a great drop in relations with my town (14 to 13) and I'm sure I can make it up with another quest, I'm just wondering if it's an issue with the Native Expansion mod or something that happens in an unmodded game, too?



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