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Revive Unconscious Companions


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It's possible but im not sure how the unconscious script really works since i haven't looked at it in the GECK before, but definitely do-able.

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Yeah I've always thought about making a In combat revival by adding a new consumable "Smelling Salts" and an improved version that increased their health gained back plus a temp boost to their DT never got around to it though. Hopefully someone can make it.


Good luck,


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The mod 'More Perks ' has a perk called 'Field Surgeon' that allows you to revive any fallen ally within a certain time period with a super stimpack. It's worth looking into that


Thanks LtRhapthorne, this confirmed what I was thinking (or at least I believe it does, someone with more experience feel free to weigh in). Ok so here's what I believe is going on. This is a hard coded function, dependent on whether you have hardcore mode on or off in your menu, your companions will be knocked unconscious or die when reduced to 0 health. The "More Perks" author simply uses a resurrect function. However when not in hardcore mode, the resurrect function resets the actor immediately instead of waiting for the game engine to do it after a predetermined amount of time and the result would be the same whether the NPC is dead or alive.


So at least few things/considerations;

Companions could loose items they'v acquired beyond their base equipment. To prevent that some code is going to be needed to move everything from the NPC container to a holding container, then add it back after the resurrection is complete. I'm also curious if this will return the companion back to a state the same as their base form in all other respects. Would they loose anything else they'v gained (beyond equipment) through other mods. If a perk or some other reward is applied directly to the companion in a user made mod (say something acquired in a quest) I would imagine it would be lost too. You shouldn't have to worry about Elijah's last words perk, since even though that affects Veronica it's a player perk.


In hardcore mode this will bring the companion back to life.


Resurrect can sometimes be problematic when run through a script, I remember a discussion about it crashing the game under some conditions.




But if you don't use hardcore mode (and I suspect you don't or we wouldn't be talking about unconscious companions), just give me the word, I can take a shot at it for you.


Can't tell you when I'll be able to get around to it though, so if someone else wants to jump in, by all means be my guest.

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