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Has there been a mod (past SWOP) that helps with modded weapon load times?


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I'm more talking about actually storing the textures in-memory than simply having smaller versions for the guns to load. Not only does S.W.O.P. not have too many options, but it's also unofficially discontinued - and, from what I've done with my limited testing, has barely any effect on the game's weapon swap times. On top of that, it sometimes doesn't even seem to work at all. Would my idea at all be possible, even with F4SE? Maybe it's just limited to the last three-ish weapons you've used, maybe more with MCM, since I estimate that people tend to have a 'long range, mid-range, short range' loadout in their favorites. I feel like this isn't an isolated issue, especially if an entire mod series has been made to fix it.

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