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CK Custom Dialogue - How do I link dialogue to show list of available Q&A


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I am trying to make custom dialogue that shows a list of available questions that the player can ask my follower. I have already linked MM8UniqueQuestionsTopic to the four sub-topics seen on the attached image: https://imgur.com/a/hsH6Zk0


The dialogue currently list a unique question e.g.


MM8UniqueQuestionsTopic = "Can I ask you something?" - The follower responds and then lists the following:

  • MM8UniqueQuestionsA1 - Follower responds
  • MM8UniqueQuestionsB1 - Follower responds
  • MM8UniqueQuestionsC1 - Follower responds
  • MM8UniqueQuestionsD1 - Follower responds

The issue I have is when you ask one of the above questions the dialogue takes you out of the list of questions and back to the other follower dialogue. I don't want this to happen because the player has to keep asking MM8UniqueQuestionsTopic before another question can be asked which could get tedious.


Is there anyway for me to link the Questions(1-4) so that when the player picks a question it will only go back to the list of questions?


I tried to link the questions to the top-level topic MM8UniqueQuestionsTopic but that doesn't seem to work, maybe I am doing it the wrong way, if someone knows what I'm missing I'd greatly appreciate it!



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