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How to remove censorship and make the Amazon a woman again?


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Bold claim please provide evidence of this very specific thing happening repeatedly.


It's hardly a bold claim, and it's common knowledge. First of all feminist civil rights groups make no false pretense that their number one course of action to push their agenda is litigation. This isn't a new concept either, civil rights groups have been doing this in the United States heavily since the early 1960's, and even before then. Additionally here in the states we have a collage major called "Women's Studies", and I'm not kidding when I say that literally a large part of the required credits for this major involve civil rights courses that educate you on how to essentially abuse the American legal system to push an agenda. I expect that you're not from the United States because of your use of the word "mate" nor are you collage educated based on your lack of knowledge on these subjects, but regardless, it's not my job to educate you. As I've said this is a well known fact, not an opinion. Do some searching online. These cases are almost always settled out of court with nondisclosure agreements, but you'll still be able to learn all about it.



Again please provide evidence that

A) said department exists

B) it exists for this reason alone and that there's no other reason for it to exist.


You would like for me to prove to you that Activision Blizzard has a Human resource department? All major media companies have staff in their HR departments dedicated to social justice. "Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Instructional Designer", "Sr Specialist Inclusion", "Senior Principal, Diversity and Inclusion", "Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Education Facilitator", "Diversity & Inclusion Consultant", etc to name a few. Blizzard certainly has people on their pay roll under their HR department with titles like these or something very similar. It's common sense that they're hired because they protect them from litigation, in fact, that is and always has been the entire purpose for HR departments in general. Ask anyone in HR what their job is, they'll tell you. Hell, if you wanted to search through blizzards job opportunities website you would maybe even find one if there's a position open, I wouldn't be surprised, but I'm not wasting my time with something so frivolous.




Game design is blah blah blah

No one with even half a brain going to take you seriously explaining how game design works when you're clearly ignorant of how the world works. These changes were clearly not made to appease the target demographic. While you may be so pious that you truly can't stand the objectification of women to the point that you actually believe that these were all positive changes (of which there were many outside besides the Amazon) do you truly believe that they went above and beyond making a 1 for 1 recreation of the game to appease the community with very few exceptions besides shared stash and auto gold pickup, keeping the many problems that the game has in tact, and then suddenly decided "Oh but we'll cover every female characters body in the game fully, make the Amazon look like a lesbian, turn the Assassin into an Asian, and make the Paladin so black that he borderlines on a racist caricature"? You think they didn't have a reason for doing that? You can't be that oblivious; this isn't rocket science. There is a lot of backlash over this, that can be googled also, and while apparently you're part of the very vocal minority that likes this, you are in fact the minority. Why do you think they would risk doing something they knew fans wouldn't want?




and these billionaires who've made careers out of abusing their staff suddenly folded

Wait a minute... Activision / Blizzard is a billion dollar company, it's worth about $50Billion to be precise, but you actually think that they had people on the payroll with billions in the bank? That's some pretty deep insight into how oblivious you are to how the world works. Could you imagine Forbes: Billionaire game designer... lolol




don't make sweeping generalizations based on how you and your mates see the world. It's a far more diverse and interesting place than you'd imagine

Don't make sweeping generalizations based on your own biases. You have no idea the extent of my cultural experience and have nothing to base the opinion on that I'm not aware of the diversities in it. Additionally I don't form my opinions based on the opinions of my peers, I make an effort to educate myself and formulate my own opinions; you should try it. Unless by "mate" you meant who I have sex with, and in that case my wife agrees with me.




and there are more than enough real problems in it without having to imagine angry leftists are trying to break all your toys.


I consider groups of people with agendas encroaching on the freedom of speech and self determination that we enjoy in western civilization to be one of the most prominent problems in the world today actually, and again, take your own advice and don't make generalizations buy assuming my political alignment, I am not a conservative, and I don't even consider myself right leaning, I mean, are you seriously so oblivious that you think someone with a hammer and sickle as an avatar would be a conservative? I just fully support freedom of expression, and I hate this kind of s#*!, and it saddens me the direction our culture is going.




I'm not a moderator dude and none of their comments violated the ToS so quit playing victim with me. Abide by the ToS and there's no problem.

Then I wasn't talking to you was I? Also I never broke the ToS.




Also do some fact checking before you make statements like that or literally anything you brought up in your previous comment

Sounds like you have some fact checking of your own to do. I didn't make any statements that you couldn't have easily verified for yourself with a little searching online to educate yourself.

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Yeah I lost a few brain cells trying to read that drivel. I've said my piece you go ahead and live in your terrible world where the evil of diversity and inclusion ruins everything I'll get back to the things in my life that are actually important. I'd like to say it's been really enlightening but it really hasn't.
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I lost a few brain cells trying to read that drivel

Sorry for your loss; I wouldn't suspect you had many left to lose. Better luck in your future endeavors.


Edit: On a positive note, I found a a program to extract the character models for editing (thanks to madonnagwen). It's called CascView.

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The unifying aesthetic of one version of a game could easily be used in a remake but since we're making a significant technological leap here and we're now also using full 3d assets it creates an opportunity to play with concept and introduce new ideas. I mean if it's just going to be exactly the same why invest so much in a remake?


The good news is though just like with movie remakes the remake doesn't destroy the original. So you can just play that. Though it's very telling about your personality if the deal breaker in a complex rpg is if you can fap to the female protagonist or not.

Aha, but you understand what I said, right? And yes, I can play with the original, but I want a remaster, I think it is understandable.
Now, are you more interested in what you understand about my personality? Because this post is to talk about the game, don't worry for me, I'm good. Thanks.






I lost a few brain cells trying to read that drivel

Sorry for your loss; I wouldn't suspect you had many left to lose. Better luck in your future endeavors.


Edit: On a positive note, I found a a program to extract the character models for editing (thanks to madonnagwen). It's called CascView.



Thanks for that info about CascView.


I also found a post in Reddit teaching how to change some visuals, still not enough for the 3D models, but another step for aesthetics mods.



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I was going to stay out of this but I can't help myself. I can only imagine how terrible the world you live on must be if you think a billion dollar corporation made decisions about a multi million dollar project based on what the so called woke people on twitter would think about it.

It's called a unifying aesthetic. It's absurd to think that the company that gave us night elves is censoring by creating a strong woman that actually looks like she could hold her own in a fight and has probably been through a few.


That being said you're very welcome to make your mod.

Except Blizz removed content from WoW based on people being offended by it. So, yes, a billion dollar corporation does, indeed, remove content based on "so called woke" people.

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