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Modding combinations - Monk


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Hey guys,


I made myself a combination of mods to make for a more fun and interesting playthrough as monk. This monk also forces on the mind, by using alteration spells.


I personally felt that even though there are a lot of seperate monk mods, they don't add up to actually fun gameplay (by lack of abilities or attack). That's why I went looking for a good combination of mods to make a fun pack. First following the suggested mods (as I started off with Way of the Monk).


The following is a combination of Way of the Monk, Martial Arts (animations), Dual Wield Parrying, Dance of Death, Spell: Master the Time and Space, Dodge and Advanced Alteration - Telekinetics. And ofcourse your choice of monk armor, I like Dragonfists, so I took Dragonfists ^^.



Other mods that may have influence on what you see here: XP32 Maximum Skeleton and Realistic Ragdolls and Force.


I personally love playing like this and was lucky enough to record three (different) killing blows here. I didn't show enough ot the telekinetics, but could record that later. I'm having so much fun with it that I decided to share it. AFAIK the load order of these mods does not matter.


As you can tell, it's not an overpowered combination (unless you use slowmotion all the time, which I don't prefer) as I almost die in the video against some bandits, durp. :tongue:





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