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Fortify School and Magicka Regen fix


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I'm looking for a mod that fixes the maximum 15% Fortify School and 10% Fortify Magicka Regen on the Fortify School and Magicka Regen when using a grand soul gem. Kinda unfair you can find items lying around with 150% Fortify Magicka Regen, but can only enchant to 10% no matter what when you use the Fortify School and Magicka Regen enchantment on an item.

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I've recently tried doing it myself again, still not much luck, right now I have it with 31% fortify school and 20% magicka regeneration, with a grand soul gem. It seems that the regeneration part of the enchantment doesn't change at all, staying at a constant % (depending on magnitude in CK) no matter what soul gem you use. A petty soul gem gives 2% fortify school, and 20% magicka regeneration. Just can't seem to win

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Well yes, Fortify magicka regen as part of Fortify school & Fortify magicka regen effect will never change... if you leave them separate. You just need to make it one effect. Let's take Fortify Destruction & Fortify Magicka Regen as example:


- First, you need to duplicate EnchRobesFortifyDestructionConstantSelf

- Change its Effect Archetype from Peak Value Modify to Dual Value Modify

- Change Assoc. Item 1 to Destruction Mod and Assoc. Item 2 to Magicka Rate Mult

- Set 2nd. AV Weight to 2.0


What you have done is make an effect that fortifies destruction by an amount and fortifies magicka regen by twice that amount at the same time. One effect but 2 goals. Change the description of the effect to reflect that change.


- Delete both existing effects in EnchRobesDestructionBase enchantment record, add the newly created effect and set its value to 5. You only need to change EnchRobesDestructionBase.

- Do the same with the rest.


You're done.

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