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F4 keeps stuttering/freezing


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Hi, first of all thank you for trying to assist.


After modding my game freezes up for 0.5 to up to 2 whole seconds. It happens very often, everywhere, not area specific.

I had carefully sorted my load order by in this order:


Gameplay Mods
Settlement and Workshop Mods
NPCs and Companions
Creature Mods
Quest Mods
Armor Mods
Weapon Mods
After freaking around with INI and NVIDIA settings for a few hours I tried something that I was advised not to do, sort my load order using LOOT (though I have before in the past and never had issues before)
Not quite sure if it's worse or the same now but it didn't help because my load order looks like a mess right now, though I'm not sure what a good load order is even suppose to look like.
I need some information so I can attempt to solve this like;
- Can your load order cause freezing like this?
- How do you properly sort your load order? (I can't find any good guide on this and I read contradicting opinions...)
- Should or shouldn't you use LOOT for your load order?
- Can you not use a mod when FO4Edit warns about deleted navmeshes?

Here is my load order: https://pastebin.com/YFVVqsnq

Modlist: https://pastebin.com/byCcytMV

fallout.ini : https://pastebin.com/HYvYazL5

falloutprefs.ini: https://pastebin.com/fxW75m3e



i7 10700k


32GB @ 3000Mhz

ASUS 2070 Super OC

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Are you playing on a laptop of desktop? If a laptop, it could be thermal throttling (maybe even with a desktop). It does not appear that you have any scrap mods have you used console commands to delete items.


I could not see anything in your mod list to suggest a direct conflict, but you should use xEdit to look for conflicts.


What mod manager do you use? This is the framework I use now with respect to load orders:


Master Files

Right after Master files Unofficial Patch and Armor keywords

Fast Starts and Frameworks

Faction and AI Overhauls

New Landmasses

New Factions

Vanilla Quests Modifications

Settlement and Workshop Menu Items (Vanilla Menus)

Settlement and Workshop Menu Items (Scripted) SMM and and mods that require SMM

Settlement and Workshop Menu Overhauls (like Workshop rearranged)

Game-Play Changes and Tweaks

New Companions

NPC and Companion Changes

Radio and Audio Mods

Visual, Texture, Atmospheric Improvements

Lighting and Water Changes

Vanilla Settlement Changes and Tweaks

Sorting Mods

HUD and DEF_UI Mods

Pip bob Map Mods

Character Model Replacers, Enhances

New Weapons, Armor, Clothing (non-craftable)

Craft Your Own

New Settlements, World Edits
Player homes
New Settlements
Single cell edits
Interiors that do not disable precombines.

New Quests

Weapon and Armor Modifications

New barrels
New weapon and footstep sounds
Any patches to the above weapons and armors;

Scrapping, World Edits, Landscape and Terrain

Frameworks and other bottom mods

I would change out Boston FPS as that is quite old. A new mod, https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/46403?tab=files

should help somewhat.


I determined that my constant stuttering was caused primarily by Thermal Throttling. I was able to drop the temp of my CPU significantly using Throttle Stop, but my GPU card has not been cooperative. As the weather has now cooled, no stuttering.


I hope this helps a bit. There are a myriad of things that could be causing what you have described.

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This is Bethesda's own recommended load order for FO4, which I think matches the previous poster's recommendation. I stopped using LOOT and have since used that guideline and I've been able to play crash-free for a long while now.


Things that can potentially cause issues: Loose textures. I got rid of almost all loose textures and packed them into ba2 if they weren't already. This made a huge difference in stability and stutter issues. NPC Face changes made with FO4Edit instead of the Creation Kit apparently causes stuttering. Here's a post about the issue. Better Settlers is one of those mods. Replace it with something made with the Creation Kit. I experienced performance issues with Better Locational Damage. What's the item count in the blueprints/settlements you have active? I try to keep count under 500 for stability in my game. If FO4edit warns me about deleted navmeshes, I just don't use the mod.


The store from Eli's Armor Compendium breaks precombines downtown. Look for the patch that fixes that if you don't already use it. Have you locked your frames down to a reasonable level? I use an ENB and lock it there at 60 fps. You have a lot of heavy hitting overhaul mods used together. Maybe reduce some stuff on this particular play through. I still use Boston FPS Fix. And if you're playing on survival, expect some performance issues that you wouldn't otherwise have.

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