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Anyone missing the times when Game forums were active but now majority is a graveyard?


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You remind me of my first Online Game experience when Age of Conan came out.

Times passed and the last decade i saw the same thing happen in MMOs, even on ones with a strong Roleplay community such as the Secret World.

For Games i believe the good times died out when the Generation that started with D&D got replaced with the Newer.

Same goes for forums.


A Generation is not neccessarilly the Source of it but how it grew. I believe its an Educational System thing.


Newer Generations are not very talkative and the System tought them that Reading stuff is only a Chore you do to just quickly fullfill a few requirements to pass a test to reach the X statistic so you can pass to X School and get the X job where you just fullfill some statistical requirements again. No Improvising or motivation for Creativity or anything.


What i wanna say is that: The current Educational System teaches the Human mind to not think much and because the Student has been trained to be negative towards thinking much it becomes his second nature. Social Engineering...


Talking also became too much Meme based and Lifestyle. Daily activities became only 8-5 routine and get drunk at Saturdays. I see less Hobbyists or Extreme Sports anywhere. I don't think i even need to mention Political activism lol

I personally also notice it more since i am not very active with Voice Chat. Its all Discord Channels these days. Nothing bad with it but if i am to log in to talk with Friends i prefer to do it outside with a Beer instead of Voice Chats so i only see Discord as a Rarely used Utility.


Society is a Graveyard and Forums are an Extension so they feel dead too.

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I partly agree, for it goes back further and has also very much depended on (or been impacted by) many other things:


1) The game genre. For example, wargame and simulator forums are (and always have been) pretty active.


2) The forum and it's format. Nexus is different to others I know, wherein here a lot of user-communication occurs directly on mod pages rather than the main forum itself, and this tends to scatter the sense of "community".


3) The ever increasing number of platforms, games & mods - just 10 years ago there were a lot fewer, chattier clubs.


4) And then there's the sheer number of hosting sites and game fora, and organic alternatives sprouted by modders & end-users themselves. Back in the day a game might have had one forum at most, usually hosted by the game's maker, but nowadays not only most games but some mods too can have several fora.


5) And then there's mega-sites like Steam or Nexus etc with an insane number of games and mods. This can be a good thing for finding a game mod, but not for nuturing any sense of club/community. 15yrs ago, a game forum still seemed like the online equivalent of the local games club I knew in the 1970s & 80s, and was closely moderated. But today, such fora seem more like international airport concourses of strangers, and relatively very unpoliced too - hell, even a quarter of today's modders themselves would be banned back in the day (and should be today too, imho).


Add in other changes in society over the past decade, like those you mention, attention spans etc, and with younger folk spending more time/interest on asocial media than for example investing in a game's forum, and this is the result.


"Let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories" - Shakespeare (Richard II, act 3).

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