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Help editing NPC outfits in presets


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I have been trying to find out how to successfully change the outfits for the NPCs specifically Bernard and Robard to change their armor. I have tried changing the item codes for their presets in the game's files according to some instructions I've managed to find online but nothing has worked (I never crashed or broke the game either--just nothing happens). Does anybody know a better way to do this or could maybe just make a mod for it? I can't be the only player who has been bothered by how accomplished knights like Robard and Bernard don't have more complete plate and mail armor. I mean, seriously, they are almost ridiculously outmatched in gear compared to many bandits! You'd think Bernard could at least afford some mail leggings and why doesn't Robard have any mail on other than a little mantle? It doesn't make any sense!! Can someone please help provide some detailed instructions or suggestions on how this can be done so it will work and hopefully clarify what I have apparently been missing?

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