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Gun shows up on CK but not on the actual game?

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I'm new to making mods, and I'm trying to add in a custom version of the .44 pistol to the game as a unique weapon. What I did was extract the dds, bgsm and nif files of the regular .44 pistol, edit the BGSM to have the custom texture I want it to have, change file paths and so on, create a new weapon on the item list with the new files assigned to it and then try to make it spawn on the counter of the Red Rocket near Sanctuary. In CK, when I open up the gun it shows up with the new textures without issues, but when I put the folders with the files in a rar alongside the esp and loaded it up into the game with Mod Organizer, the gun didn't appear. And when I made it spawn inside my inventory with another mod, I could equip it but it had no actual model, so my character looked like he was finger gunning monsters to death. What could be going wrong?

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: I put the folders with the files in a rar alongside the esp


A rar? as in .rar?

That should be a .ba2 file (Bethesda Archive)


or just configure fallout to load loose files. Way easier if you're just creating it for your own use.


I do want to share it, since it's a gun from a popular fanfic. I did try to make a ba2, but it didn't help. In the rar I had placed the folders with the files for the gun (Meshes\Weapons\Gun\Gun.nif and so on). So, what I should do is make a ba2 with the folders instead?

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Take a look at kinggath's Bethesda Mod School: CK 106 - Creating BA2 Files..8:58 Creating BA2/extracting vanilla BA2 files (using Archive2)



I did, but it didn't work. Also, now I keep getting this error



LOOTJOY: Failed to attach 3D for mod 'mod_44_Receiver_Standard' (000D9C61)


Whenever I open up the gun in CK.

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