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I need help to install some mods with ME3 Explorer tool.


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Hello. I had installed ME3 in another PC, and also some mods using ME3 Explorer, but that was time ago, and I don't remember how to it now, because now I have a new PC, so I have installed the game in it, and I want to install these mods, but I need help about how to do it, I use TPF Tools but the new textures don't install, the armors, uniforms and weapon are completely black; I remember I installed the ME3 Explorer tool (15,1 GB) to install the textures permanently, but I don't remember how to do it. I have also read that is not necessary to install the tool, that you only have to use the tool without installing, but the mods don't install.


The mods I had in the previous PC are:


- SpecTRE Grey Harrier

- Ajax Armor in Alliance Colors (with Name Tag)

- HR Armax Arena Armor (Spectre version)

- Formal Uniform of the Alliance in High Resolution

- ME3 TC's Leather Jacket

- Alliance Combat Uniform


So I need your help to install ME3 Explorer tool to install these mods permanently, and surely some other mods.


Can you help me? Thank you.


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