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Redirects and McAfee Popups that are appearing on the Nexus site.


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Everyone who is reporting, PLEASE provide the information requested in the sticky at the top of this forum. Here it is again:



While we have a "report this ad" link under every ad format we display on the site, there are some "bad ads" that won't be reportable via this system. For example, if a bad ad is redirecting you away from the site without your permission, or showing pop-ups or javascript prompts, the "report this ad" link will not help you or us.

Because of the aforementioned bidding system I described earlier on in this article, finding a bad ad is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. With potentially hundreds of ad agencies all using the same bidding platform, the bad ad could be coming from any one of those agencies. We somehow have to find that agency, report it to them, and hope they deal with it in a timely fashion. If they don't, our provider can also take that agency out of our rotation if the ad is particularly egregious.
In order to help us in our endeavours to find the bad ad and the agency responsible for displaying it as fast as possible, we need detailed information from you. And the sooner you provide us with this information, the sooner we can inform our provider who can get to work on finding and fixing the issue for all of us.
What we need:
  • Let us know what anti-malware/adware/virus software you have on your PC and ensure you've run a scan that returns clean before reporting the ad to us.
  • The date and time you saw this ad.
  • The URL of the page you were on at the time, e.g. http://www.nexusmods.com/games/?
  • Your general location - e.g. I live in Exeter, in Devon, in England. If you don't want to give the city you live in, then your state and country will suffice, e.g. Devon, England.
  • A good description of what is happening that makes you think this is a bad ad. An example might be, "I was browsing the site, but immediately upon loading the page at http://www.nexusmods.com/games/? I was redirected to another website that told me I had a virus on my PC that I had to pay money to remove".
  • If you get redirected or sent to another site, provide the URL that you are sent to.
  • A screenshot of the bad ad really, really, REALLY helps us out as well. Please take the time to do a print-screen or use the snipping tool in windows (press the start menu, type "snipping", click "snipping tool") and upload it to your report for us to view. The snipping tool is an extremely simple and intuitive piece of software for taking pictures of what's on your screen.

Malware, adware and viruses are prevalent across the world, infecting billions of systems. It's extremely difficult for us to know whether the bad ad you're seeing is actually being caused by our advertising code, or by malicious code running on your own system. Please ensure you're running adequate anti-malware software on your system, that it's up-to-date, and that it has run since seeing this ad and returned clean.

We have made a forum where you can post bad ad reports that can be found under "Feedback, suggestions and questions". Ideally, please post your reports in this forum so that others can confirm that they too are seeing the same bad ad and share their own information related to it. The more reports that we receive on a specific ad, the more easy it is for us to locate and the more obvious it is that it's a serious problem, which provides clout when dealing with our provider and ad agencies. So, if someone has already reported the same bad ad that you are getting, please post in that thread to add your voice to that issue. It will help.
If for whatever reason you can't or don't want to post to that forum, you can PM me with the details.
Please remember that without these details and an accurate description about the bad ad there isn't much we can do about it.
Once we've received a good, credible report of a bad ad we pass this on to our provider who will actively work to get to the bottom of the issue for us.


I NEED this information so that I can pass this on to our ad provider. They will then be about to identify the markets that the bad ad(s) are being shown in far more quickly and find the culprit.

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I just had my first McAfee pop-up informing me I have been to sites that have illegal content. Ironically, this is the only site I go to on this computer (gaming only) other than Steam. I just closed out the browser and reopened a new one as I have never fallen for click-bait ads. My fault really, I thought Nexus is/was trustworthy. No biggie though, now the Nexus site is added to the thumb drive transfer list from one of my other computers from this day forward.


Edit: Thanks @Ebony467 for adding the info. I didn't stick around on the site long enough to gather any info when it happened.

yep it just happened to me a few nights ago. might be time to consider switching ad providers if this doesnt stop.

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yep... got redirected again the other day. sad because the issue appears to be continuing if not getting worse. i already posted my thread, i just dont understand why the issue is getting worse instead of better. if these reports are supposed to be helping?

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If you are getting a redirect ad you need to provide the information I requested earlier in the thread, link below, else I will not be able to sort it.


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