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New game from a fan – Drone Warrior


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Hi Mechwarrior fan,


Like you, I am a big fan of the Mechwarrior series. I have found this game great since its first version. Big mechs and their maneuverability on the battlefield have always appealed to me.


During the last years of the pandemic, I developed, solo, a strategy game similar, aesthetically, to Mechwarrior which I called Drone Warrior. I started this project following the accumulation of bad experience, on mobile, with microtransactions, pay to win, or plenty of ADS. The project is now in the beta phase. Mechwarrior Community, I need your help finding committed players.


In Drone Warrior, you and your team pilot multiple colourful futuristic combat drones / robots in an arena against an opposing team.


Drone Warrior gameplay

Two teams of 1 to 6 players compete, for a maximum of 10 minutes, for the control of bollards (5). These markers give points to the team. You can take back the terminals from the opposing team or destroy your opponents. You can win by reaching the maximum point number or destroying your opponents. Your weaponry, based on nanotechnology (nanobots), offers a variety of strategic possibilities.


Drone Warrior is free to play, with no microtransactions, ads, or in-app purchases. For more information and to subscribe to the newsletter, you can visit http://dronewarrior.games


Officers (drone pilots), are you ready for this adventure?


Thank you for being such a great community :)





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