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I don't think I want anything too fancy, I just wanna be able to turn the super duper mart into a player base by telling that lazy bucket of bolts to clean the place up, straighten out the shelves and throw out any busted shelves. I still want it to look dingy also, but just have some dust, trash, and rubble cleared from the store.


After that I wanna pick 1 of 3 options for how to keep the place guarded, as well as have grocery store employees selling whatever wasteland groceries I don't want that I hand to the designated shelf stocker.


These options are basically slave labor (from Paradise Falls), hired guns and merchants (from Canterbury Commons), and robots (after Moira's Robco factory quest). I would like to see about taking caps from the cash registers as well after every thing's sold.


After this choice I'll just need a bed, a chemistry set, a work bench and reloading bench, a hotplate, and a medical station in the pharmacy back room, along with enough storage to store anything I don't wanna have on me that I also don't wanna sell.


If felt needed, you could also have the player still have to buy all these items from whoever you end up choosing to help run the store.


I thought about this while just screwing around in the Capital Wasteland through New Vegas with the Tale of Two Wastelands mod. I had my game tweaked to tell me if a container was safe to hide things in, and I wanted to check such of Super Duper Mart, and thought "ya know, it'd be cool just to take this place after clearing out the raiders, and progressively turn it into a wasteland mansion." It evolved from there into wanting it to be a base/means of ever so slowly selling scavenged goods I don't want without having to remember to go to a trader after leaving home. I've no clue how to mod with the G.E.C.K. or Creation Kit my self.

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