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Invisible distant terrain in Nehrimblivion 1.2


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I'm playing through Nehrimblivion 1.2 (Non OMOD version) which allows you to play Nehrim with your Oblivion character and I've been struggling to figure out why the distant terrain is transparent.




This seems to be specific to this mod because I run Elsweyr, Valenwood, Hammerfell mods etc and can see all across the landscape. I can stand on the Red Ring Road and see all the way to Anequina for instance.

Been asking on the Nexus mod page and googling this issue to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes, many times. I even tried removing all mods from my load order except Nehrim, using archive invalidation bsa mod, combing through the Oblivion ini to see if anything relating to LOD was set to 0 etc. I even copied the DistantLOD files from Nehrim standalone into my Oblivion data folder, copied the landscape lod from Nehrim standalone meshes to no avail. It seems somehow Oblivion is just not rendering the landscape despite rendering the trees and distant architecture.


The Nehrimblivion mod mentions the LOD is fixed in version 1.2 so I wonder if this is something on my end that got screwed up.

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