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I used mod manager only, nothing else done. messed it up?

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I restarted TW3 on my new gaming pc and wanted my mods like before but did not remember how I did it before.

I just installed Mod Manager, first added no dirty lens mod. then magical graphics settings, no water drops, custom localization and HD Reworked. Every time I only selected "add" from mod magager and selected the path to the zip file, I did nothing else, no more editing or copying of files. It seems to work and looks beautiful, but I noticed that there should be more menu options that I find missing, like the "Halk Ultra HD" settings. Description says that would add better general performance and even better look, so I would like to add it.

What to do now? Can I just remove every mod with the mod manager and start again? Must I start with community patch base? Anything else?
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