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Help. recolor DDS with photoshop (Nier Automata - A006408A)


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First of all, this is my first post, also its my first Mod that I ever created. :happy:

i'm sure it's a fairly easy one for most of you, It's just a simple recolor,

for Nier Automata's character, 2B. [file name: A006408A (DDS file)]


I made a mod to change the costume color into white.

It works fine, until I put on 'color hair', is an in-game key item (not a mod):



The problem is, when I put on the 'color hair', the color of the bandanna / headband on the head also changes color.

as you can see this image, when I put on 'Red hair',

the color of bandanna also changed into red, but it supposed to remain as white.



Here is another image of DDS file from another Mod creator, for blue color. This file works fine.

As you can see this image below ,even though I put on 'Red hair',

the color of the bandanna remains as blue.




I could not figure out exactly what is wrong, but probably because the way I made the file?

I'm sorry if this post is a bit long :pinch:


Below, is how I made the DDS file:

1. First, I made the A006408A (DDS file) through photoshop, with Intel Texture Works v1.0.4.

2. I set the Texture Type as colors:



3. Then I set the compression like this:



4. lastly, the Mipmaps as:




Any help is much appreciated,

and thank you very much for your time . .

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