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Mod (possibly small series) for my Klyntar OC


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Hey all, first forum thread opened (I think). I've been on the Nexus for a while now, enjoying the fruits of the efforts put in by so many for free and occasionally putting my two cents in for bugtesting... But I've been thinking an awful lot lately about the Venom modder resource, my OC Lykaos, and been in a werewolf-y mood in general, and thus decided to come here to try to find a small team to put together something for said OC and possibly Klyntar in general. I don't expect people to do this kind of script-heavy, custom animated work for free, though payment details will need to be hashed out later (patreon, paypal, etc.) depending on availability of both people and resources. Of course, people who are willing to work for free out of sheer boredom are also welcome, though I won't promise I won't insist on paying at least something. :3

The details of the mod and the creature in question will be enclosed in a .txt document, but if that doesn't work out I can put the contents thereof in a comment on the forum. Hope y'all have a wonderful time, and happy holidays~

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