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Conteria and the Kingdom of Ilondi need you, citizens!


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I've been working on this fictional fantasy world to populate my maps that I like to make during my free time with the help of a few friends, and I started up a Wikia for it to help archive the lore. What I've done so far is just work with the races and countries, the basic cultures, some characters and the dominant religion of the continent. There isn't very much on the Wiki but that's where you guys come in!


There are a lot of creative people here, and I would appreciate it if I could get some assistance in this. This is planned to be an ongoing thing, but nobody has to be committed to it (although if you want to, then go ahead!) I'm not the best author and I'm no Tolkien, so I definitely won't be able to do this by myself - but I have a lot of info about this, although it's not all written down.


Also, this isn't going to be incredibly strict (although we shouldn't make any contradictions, and we should stick with the fantasy theme - so the most sci-fi we can get is steampunk, sorry!) so I'm totally open to any and all (reasonable) ideas.


If you're wondering about the title of the thread, Conteria is the (unoriginal) name of the continent this fantasy is centered on, and the Kingdom of Ilondi is the country that nearly rules all of the continent. Sort of like the Empire in TES, but not exactly. The other countries are independent but as of now it's peacetime for them all with the center of trade and commerce to be the Kingdom. It's called the Kingdom of Ilondi, because the ruling monarchy (male only, and is reason for certain chains of events) is the Ilondi family. The sons have been named after their fathers for the last 10-20 generations, all with the first name 'Adonis', which is also come to mean 'King' in this world instead of an actual name in ours. ei; "The Adonis"


The wiki: http://conteria.wikia.com



So, here are some maps! If you have any questions or suggestions, ask away! If you want to help, just say so!















Symbols of various deities


YAKIR (Fire)





NERO (Shadows) Forgot the transparency in this one.





RAVENGER (Corruption) No idea why this one is much larger.








I will work on typing up short summaries of the main races of Conteria, and where they are native to, and what a simliar race/culture would be in TES and LOTR/Our world (respectively). Now before you start saying anything, This isn't going to be a carbon copy of TES or LOTR or anything, but I'll make comparisons to make it easier to grasp if I can't make a good description of them.


So, let the posts go wild!

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Note that to make this more interactive than normal fantasies, things from this might be made into Skyrim mods (I'd say Oblivion as well, but I don't have it) and I did start one mod that's been on hiatus, based on a race and character in Conteria.

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This is a 'book' written by a historian to briefly talk about the creatures of the world. It's not finished yet, but this is all that I have so far.


Inhabitants of Conteria


Lires Eldritch


The land of Conteria is home to a variety of species of both plants and animals, and I will do my best to document as many as possible. This list is in by no means complete nor will it ever be, as new life forms are being discovered very frequently.


The Sentients

These creatures are those capable of work, production, and intelligence. You, reader, and I, both belong to this group.


~Notice: Although interbreeding between Beast, Elven and Men is entirely possible, legal, and accepted, any offspring produced will likely be frowned upon. It is incredibly rare for the different ‘breeds’ to successfully create a child, so intimacy will never be an issue. ~


Storm Elves/Gomi ~ Tall, fair skinned, their culture revolves around pride and honorable acts. They are natives to the country of Gomidor.


Desert Elves/St`ucci ~ Height ranging from near-Gomi to very short, with colorful hair shades, these people live in the far Northern country of St`uccio and rely on incredible technological advancements.


Forest Elves/Myr ~ The Forest Elves are a small, very jubilant race, taking pride in their game hunting and artistic talent. They live in the heavily wooded area of Myrudo.


Mountainmen/Barse~ These large, strong people are from the plains of Barseta, and are a of a bluish-gray color and have only one eye. It is said that a thousand Barse could pick up an island!


Avians/Pouli~ Feathered and winged with hollowed bones, this race stemmed from an ancient breed of birds. They are capable of flight, but Pouli tradition has it that once a year, on the date of birth of each individual, they undergo a ‘clipping’ of their feathers.


Helenites/Ryban~ Fish-like men that dominate the oceans, this race is known for the Glass Island, Helena’s Isle. The entire land was originally submerged, but the powerful mages that lived there created a barrier of glass around it.


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