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Stalhrim doesn't get the same bonus from Ebony Smithing compared to Ebony


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I noticed this after improving both an Ebony Bow and a Stalhrim Bow. Both start off at 38 dmg (perks and archery skills included base value should be 17dmg for both bows)

and after upgrading Ebony gets 69 and Stalhrim only 66.


Sure it's not really a big deal but I just don't get why? Tested it with other Stalhrim weapons like the sword (it has the same value as it's Ebony counterpart) and I get the same results.

When I remove the related Smithing perk(Exotic Smithing which is basically just Ebony Smithing from vanilla) and try to improve them both bows end up at 55 dmg.

I also used SSEEdit to change the keyword of the Stalhrim Bow from Stalhrim to Ebony and then both got the same value of 69dmg. That's how it should be considering they both have the same base value.

I'm wearing Forgemaster's Fingers, Silver-Blood family ring, and an amulet that increase Smithing.

The only mod that should affect Smithing should be Ordinator(I might be wrong about that one though) but I'm not that well versed in SSEEdit to find out why Ebony gets a bigger bonus than Stalhrim.

Does anybody have the same issue? I don't know why it bothers me so much but I kinda wanna fix it. Any help would be appreciated.


EDIT: Ordinator perk "Advanced Workshop" seems to be the problem. It's supposed to allow you to upgrade 1 tier higher but it doesn't work on Stalhrim Weapons for some reason. Not sure if I can fix it with my limited SSEEdit knowledge but maybe. At least I know what it is now.


I've attached my plugin.txt if it helps.

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