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A Dangerous Game [Quest] Ravvy and the bandits won't respond or do anything


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Hello, I've been playing the witcher for quite a while now. No problems has occurred until now. I am playing the quest A Dangerous Game in Novigrad. It's about Zoltan and his gwent cards.

My current objective is to find the John Natalis card. I'm supposed to go inside the tavern and meet Ravvy. Ravvy is sitting there with two bandits. However, nothing happens. I watched videos. There should be a cutscene as soon as I approach. But that cutscene wouldn't load for some reasons.

Is this about my mods or something? Please help, many thanks!

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Just checking but have you tried pressing the Interact key (E)? Reloading from an earlier save?


I have the issue sometimes that I can't talk to particular merchants (like the rescued swordsmith in Mulbrydale). This is when reloading helps.


In this situation you can also try throwing a grenade at them (seriously), which should skip directly to the fight. That conversation is optional, and in the Gwent game against Earl that follows, you don't win anything anyway.

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