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Hey guys,


im new to W3 (yes really!) and especially the way its making use of mods / merging scripts and so on.

I'm only using QoL mods and some visual tweaks like STLM, Friendly Hud, Friendly Meditation combined with Preparations Mod and few more...also had to install the Unification Patch.


Now I wanted to try making the nights feel a bit more realistic. Basically just reducing the brightness at night is what I'm looking for.


Found the "Darker Nights" and the "Atmospheric NIghts" Mods, sadly both cause alot of trouble while trying to merge because of Friendly HUD and Friendly Meditation.

Since im playing those for a while now (150h) ad got used to it, I really dont wanna miss them :/


I was making many attempts to merge scrips manually, following general merging tutorials on YT but whatever I try the Game wont start, showing errors.


So my question is: Is there any way to make them work together? Google'ing didnt give me any usefull results, so here we go - asking the pros and the bros who make these amazing mods come alive :smile:


Any help would be very appreciated. Btw, just by the look of the Screenshots, I guess I would prefer the Atmospheric Nights mod to work with the two "Firendly" ones.



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Solved it myself.


Im using Darker Nights and the Smoother Transitions Patch, which also patches the merging conflicts and solves them.

At first try I still ended up with a compilation Error:

Error [mod0000_mergedfiles]game\player\playerwitcher.ws(38): Unknown type 'CModFMeditationConfig' for property 'fMeditationConfig'.


I Uninstalled FMeditation and reinstalled it, did all the merges except for the one about "input.xml" between FHUD and FMeditation.

Its listed as a "Non-Bundled-XML Conflict" and it was there since Im using both Friendly mods.

They were working before and anything is working together with Darker Nights now!


Just wondering why adding the Smoother Transitions Patch did solve it (causing the Error mentioned above).


So FYI guys :)



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