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Make settlers flee combat and run to a certain item.


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When assigning my settlers to certain workplaces, I always give them specific outfits. I'm using bat files. For example, if I type "bat farmer", the settler gets a set of farmer gear.


With the outfit they also get their aggression and confidence values set to "0" (farmers, vendors, etc), so they flee every combat instead of fighting. I only want my settlement guards to fight.



Now to my problem:

the fleeing settlers run away in any direction, sometimes they even leave the settlement and run straight into the enemies. My settlers are mortal, so they often die because of this issue.



mod request:


Could anyone make a settlement item (like a flag or a doormat) that the settlers will run towards, when they flee? I guess, one would have to change the behavior settings or add a script in CK or something but I can't script and I have no idea how to change this behavior.


in Skyrim, there was the mod "run for your lifes" that made civilians run to the next house whenever a dragon attacked, so I guess, it should be possible to make mods like this in FO4, too?

Thanks in advance,


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