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Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance Mods/Appreciation Post


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I would love to take the PC version of BGDA that just game out last month and mod it so that I or other likeminded people could revamp the textures and/or models on the game. It's pretty much my favorite game ever, but I have no idea where to start.

Even to this day, I love just replaying it over and over again and trying to 100% the game - I love it that much! For its time, it was groundbreaking and monumental for a PS2 game as it really pushed what could be possible in 2002! The water physics, the immersive soundtrack by Jeremy Soule and sound design in the SFX, the blood and gore so artistically placed with every kill, the infinite corpses stayed in the world... my only gripe about BGDA is that it felt far too short!

What are your thoughts?

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Yes, this game is truly a rare sight where all is fitting perfectly to have fun. Not too hard (even the Extreme difficulty can be playable), not annoying, not too long or short. Despite it looks like AD&D Diablo clone in 3D at a first glance, you simply won't stop playing until all your characters are at highest level with best weapons and armor and all skills at max.

Regarding mods - game was using a Snowblind engine, is there docs available for it? Is PC version its port and all assets are same format as in original?

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