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Stardew Valley

Mod Idea: remove Pierre's monopolies.


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In my current playthrough, I am RPing that my farmer absolutely hates Pierre and wants nothing to do with him. (I plan on doing one of these for each shop owner NPC)

But I still want to get married... and carry more than 12 different kinds of rocks at a time...


Which means I need somewhere else to buy backpacks and bouquets. Which now that I think about it... why does nobody else sell them anyway?


- Backpacks
Option 1: The obvious... Jojamart. Duh.

Option 2: Emily sells the backpacks instead of Pierre. She is a fashion designer, and likes to sew. It makes sense that she might make backpacks for a little extra income.

Option 2: The adventurers guild sells them. (And maybe gives the first one free for joining them? or the last one / an extra one if you complete all the slayer quests?)


Side option: A clothing slot in the menu for the backpack. And it can be dyed at Emily's like the clothes.



- Bouquets

Option 1: Once again obvious... Jojamart.

Option 2: Evalyn. The sweet old lady who likes to garden and pick flowers, now puts those flowers in a bouquet!

Option 3: A crafting recipe. I have HOW MANY chests full of flowers? and I can't find ANY that would make a nice bouquet? uh huh. okay.



Alternative solution: Maybe Caroline helps out around the shop for a change and works the counter on certain days instead of Pierre? not like I've ever seen her do anything else with her time... other than dru- I mean drink tea...

Or maybe he's teaching Abigail about business in an attempt to dissuade her from venturing into the mines? Resulting in him having her man the shop while he... makes a business trip to Zuzu city or... spies on Joja or something, I dunno.

Maybe Caroline and Abby even run the shop together when Pierre's off doing his thing?
Anyway, my character would be wiling to buy from them.


I'm almost 2 years in, and it's been HELL with the starter bag. And I can't even get a lovely spouse to wait at home to cheer me up after a dozen trips back and forth from the mines...

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