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[Idea/Request] Armors and casuals for squad mates in me2


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Normandy is a warship, right? Soldiers serving on it, holding the line and all that. Even if they are misfits and specialists they should have casual and combat gear separately. (like in the rest of mass effect games)
When I saw Miranda's DLC armor I thought this would be cool for the other characters... I mean an actual armor for combat.
Maybe a medium gladiator or duelist armor from me1 for jack, a heavy corsair armor from me3 for Jacob, or uniform Cerberus armor for everyone.
Also helmets, cuz apparently in the vacuum of space you only need a breather or a mask and you'll be fine... yeah

I had this idea a few days back when I was playing me2, It is not that complicated... I think I know how to do it, but I really don't have time to work on it. So I thought I give this Idea to the community. Maybe someone else will find this idea compelling enough for a mod.

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