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Mod idea: Frost effects to resist Cold (sometimes also Warmth)


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Shouldn't a potion of Resist Frost (capable of blocking big cold blasts) also help you resist Cold in Survival Mode? Obviously yes.


If a Hot meal helps you resist Cold and gives you Warmth (heals Cold effect), a Resist Frost effect should at the very least give you decent environmental Cold resistance.


A robe of Frost resistance could also, for example, give a good Warmth rating.




* added the survival resist Cold effect to some Ingredients (with SSEedit). I failed: either ingredients have 4 effects maximum, or I just did not do it right.

--- the above method seemed like the logical approach for potions.


* Items would be easier I think, at least unique items that have a clear record in the Skyrim tables.


Anyone plan on doing this ?

If not, any tips or hints ?


I am a noob and do not plan on doing this in the following weeks. Feel free to use the idea to make a mod/patch.

And, yes, Bethesda, feel free to patch this in.

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