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Mod Idea: What Happens on Ginger Island Stays On Ginger Island


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The jealousy thing gets to me. If you give a gift to a bachelor (maybe one you've dated?) your spouse whines about it. I think maybe it's okay only on their birthday and Winter Star.

So it's a story thing, and I don't really want to see it gone completely--I just want to be able to avoid it if I want to. How about if a gift is given on Ginger Island to one of the bachelors & bachelorettes, the spouse doesn't know about it? All the regulars in SDV go to GI Beach Resort at some point.

I don't want to take Elliott to BED or anything...his hair gets everywhere, and THAT would surely create understandable jealousy. I'd just like to be able to throw a pomegranate at him occasionally without getting scolded at home.

Would this be hard to do? It's not something that would make the game easier for low-vision people like myself, which is what I'm usually hoping for. I just think it makes sense...

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FANTASTIC!!!! I'm excited to see what you come up with. I just got a divorce for the very first time in game. I feel awful, but I wanted to be able to give gifts again. Qi has a quest and I didn't want to keep avoiding it. Also I'm justifying something I said I'd never do in the game because of silly reasons.

The spouse was weird as snake suspenders. And the most negligent parent I've had in any save file.


Oddly enough, our child together changed hair color the same day I filed the papers. ??? I suppose divorce breaks Baby Looks Like Spouse.

The jealousy going away will be fantastic. I suppose Shane's personality fits with irrational jealousy, but that doesn't mean I want to see it... haha.

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I'm super happy with this mod. It worked exactly as I needed it to work. Spouse gives you a chance to lie, but you tell the truth, and spouse says basically, that's okay, you can give gifts to your friends--I wouldn't want to interfere with that.

You aced this one! Thanks so much.

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