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Suggestion : Terribly Missing Skins for USFIV


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USFIV is probably the most complete of Street Fighter , even more so than SFV (far too many important characters are missing in the V , like Elena, Gen, Fei Long, Dee Jay, T. Hawk, Guy, Rolento, Adon, Gouken, Decapre , Dudley, Sean, Hugo, Abel, El Fuerte …).
But even in USFIV some outstanding characters are sorely lacking for this game to be truly complete (notably Q and Oro). Skins adapted to characters with similar combat techniques can (a little) fill this gap.
Terribly Missing Skins for USFIV :
Skins => USFIV characters
Q (SFIII) => Cody (remove his handcuffs)
Oro (SFIII, SFV) => Akuma or Oni or Gouken/8th color (do not forget to hide an arm from him in his cloth for most attacks)
Karin Kanzuki (SF Alpha, SFV) => Makoto
Rainbow Mika (SF Alpha, SFV) => Cammy or El Fuerte
Birdie (SF Alpha, SFV) => Hakan or Cody or Balrog or Hugo or Zangief (with Balrog replace the gloves with chains on the fists)
Rémy (SFIII) => Guile
Twelve (SFIII) => Seth
Necro (SFIII) => Dalshim
Sean (SFIII) => Dan
Some other characters that may be interesting to add.
Gill (SFIII, SFV) => Evil Ryu (if possible replace the classic powerball with an ice ball)
Ingrid (SF Alpha) => Rose or Crimson Viper
Maki (Final Fight, SF Alpha) => Decapre or Poison or Rolento (replace the gauntlets or the whip with a tonfa)
Dean (Final Fight) => Oni
Carlos (Final Fight) => Rolento (replace the staff with his saber)
Lucia (Final Fight, SFV) => Chun Li
Roxy (Final Fight, SFV) => Poison
Juni (SF Alpha) => Decapre or Cammy
Juli (SF Alpha) => Decapre or Cammy
Sodom (SF Alpha) => Blanka or Balrog
Violent Ken (USF II) => Evil Ryu or Oni
Blair Dame (SF Ex) => Elena or Juri
Doctrine Dark (SF Ex) => Rolento
Darun Mister (SF Ex) => Zangief
Pullum Purna (SF Ex) => Elena
Garuda (SF Ex) => Seth
Cracker Jack (SF Ex) => Balrog
Shadowgeist (SF Ex) => M. Bison (Dictator)
Restu (SF I) => Gouken or Akuma
Geki (SF I) => Vega (claw)
Lee (SF I) => Yun
Mike (SF I) => Balrog
It’s less important, but there are also a few SFV characters that are easy to adapt into Skin for USFIV.
Laura (SFV) => Crimson Viper
Rashid (SFV) => Dee Jay or Cody or Dudley
Fang (SFV) => Gen or Yang or Vega (claw)
Azam (SFV) => Zangief
Kage (SFV) => Oni or Evil Ryu
Zeku (SFV) => Guy
Abigail (SFV) => T. Hawk or Hugo or Zangief
Menat (SFV) => Rose
Falke (SFV) => Poison
Akira (SFV) => Decapre
Ed (SFV) => Balrog or Sagat
Necalli (SFV) => Blanka
Aprile (SFV) => Decapre or Juri
The number of Skins is limited per character, maximum 5 or 6 Skins and even if we manage to have all the DLC. We need a system that allows you to have an unlimited number of Skins. Or at least a maximum of 12, as for the colors.

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