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[Mod Request] Slight Double-Bladed Lightsaber Damage Increase


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Hello all!

By default, the strikes from a Double-Bladed lightsaber do quite a bit less straight and stamina damage than the Single-Bladed variant. It also strikes slightly faster, but not enough to make up for the difference. I love the Double-Blade aesthetically, however it's just not viable to use it constantly once you get it. In fact, unless you're facing a lot of blaster wielding opponents in which case the deflections are easier the Double-Blade is inferior to the Single Blade in every way, in spite of being a later game addition.

I'd prefer it if it were treated more like an upgrade. Therefore, I'd like a mod that increases the Double-Blade Lightsaber's stamina and health damage per strike. Not so much that the Double Bladed lightsaber massively outdoes the single blade, but so that it's matches or slightly exceeds it. This would make it so using nothing but the Double-Bladed Lightsaber is practical to do.

Thank you!

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