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Looking for help with a animal companion mod


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Hi everyone,

I have been a part of the modding community for quite a while now as a mod user not a creator, but I have a idea for a mod that is personal in origin. A little background behind my idea first. I've played a lot of online and single player games in my life most of which I choose to have a dog at my side. Like Fallout 4 with Dogmeat or Skyrim with Meeko or Vigilance. It makes the game more complete to me in a way since I have had a dog my whole life as far back as I can remember. The death of River (aka Dogmeat) brought in to focus how short their lives can be and brought up the idea I am stuck on where to begin on.


I have three dogs that I love deeply and would like to put them in game as a way to remember them and possibly share them with others later on. They are two husky shepherd mixes siblings and a husky/shepherd/pit mix. The husky/shepherd/pit is our oldest dog at 7 years old and is actually my husbands dog more than mine so this is for him too. I know the model for huskies is in game already I just don't know anything about making a mod. I know they won't be exact matches, but something as close to their looks as possible would be enough for me. I look at Meeko and Vigilance Reborn mods by Vaelka(BluePianoTwo) as what is possible with a mod like this. I'm not asking for something extremely complicated just a mod I can have as a way to remember them with. I don't know how to put it without sounding bossy or like I expect some reward winning mod. I hope whoever reads this understands what I am trying to say.


I come to you all looking for help to make this mod a reality. I have never used any tools to make anything. My experience is limited use of bodyslide and using tes5edit a little bit. I don't play SSE so it would have to be on LE or at least backported to it. I would be on SSE if my computer would run it better, but that is not the case at the moment.


Would anyone out there be willing to make or help make this mod? I put pictures of my dogs down below hopefully it works right. Left to right: Aurora, Orion, and Lexi. Aurora and Orion are siblings from two different litters and Lexi is the oldest from different parents I mentioned above.


Thank you for your time and patience to read all of that. Any help is appreciated.





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