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If you encounter problems installing mods or engines for working with mods (Patcher, Redirector, Utilities, etc.),
then most likely the problem lies in the following:


1) .Net Framework 3.5.
Make sure that "Windows .Net Framework 3.5" is installed on your computer or its functions are activated.


2) the files in the Planetbase directory are marked as read-only.
The problem many people have with installing the Patcher is that some files in the Planetbase directory are marked read-only.
Thus, Mod Patcher (Patcher-1) cannot do its job.
The solution is to go into the Planetbase directory, then select everything (both directories and files) and go to "properties".
You will see in the properties that the "Attribute" field is marked in black.
So click on the box until it's empty (no black checkmark), then click apply, then in the new window, answer "do this for all files and subdirectories".
Close "properties" and check again.
IF the Attribute field is cleared (read-only unchecked), you can re-apply the Patcher, this time it will work.
For those who get black windows when launching Patcher-1, the best thing to do is to uninstall, clear the "planetbase" entry with regedit, and then properly reinstall.
Then check the attributes of files and directories for the possibility of overwriting (uncheck "read-only" in the properties) until overwriting is allowed in all folders and files of the game, then you can run Mod Patcher.


3) Addresses of directories and files are not in English.
If you do not have a Steam version of the game: if the file location contains letters other than English (for example, Russian letters), experiment with installing the game in another directory without long file addresses and only English letters in the names.


4) Antivirus or operating system settings.
Occasionally it happens that an antivirus, some program or operating system interrupts the execution of programs for working with mods.
Check your antivirus settings and disable all other programs while patching.
Try patching again and make sure the patching process is complete.
Perhaps the operating system or some kind of antivirus program is preventing the Patcher from doing its job normally.
When opening the file, give all permissions in the operating system, make it run as administrator.

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