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Frost Resist effects to also do Survival Cold heal and/or Warmth

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Ideally, found or crafted potions and items of Frost Resist should logically also help reduce Cold (Restore Cold) and/or add Warmth (Fortify Warmth); depending on logic for each.


Frost Resist potions, logically, would additionally Restore Cold and mostly Fortify Warmth.


As a very noob modder (just using SSEedit), I did not find an easy way of doing this, maybe adding the effect to Ingredients or potion results. Maybe someone else has an idea how to do this.


Currently, even with full fur armour and holding a torch, very cold regions reduce HP. The player would naturally think of using potions and items that resist Frost... Only Hot food (Fire Salts) Restore Cold (heal Cold) and adds extra Warmth at the moment.* It would just make sense that if you can resist violent Freezing attacks, it would also reduce Cold.


* https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Survival_Mode_Items

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Up to now, I was able to add logical Survival effects to the Flame Cloak spell.


In the official Survival Mode, it already makes you immune to freezing water, yet has no impact on ambient cold; which really makes no sense (the fire around you not only works underwater, it protects you from the most deadly type of freezing, yet not from intense winter temperature).


I added :

  1. Warmth 62 sec. (Hot food magic effect)
  2. Restore Cold (Hot food magic effect) [i removed it for game balance: too easy to spam that spell to remove Cold]
  3. Resist Frost damage 62 sec. 20% (like the weakest Resist Cold potion).

Note on #2 : I will remove the Restore Cold (for game balance in relation to crafting Hot food) in favour of logical high warmth (i.e. protects you also from ambient cold, which will slowly reduce Cold damage anyhow during those 62 sec. False: high Warmth rating does not reduce Cold over time.).


EDIT note on #1 : high Warmth does little really, though it does block further Cold HP damage, which is already fine for the spell logic and game balance.


Note on #3 : the Resist Frost effect is debatable. I feel it makes sense, but it is not important here for the purpose of this modding, but...

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Happy to report I have made good progress on this !


* Potions of Resist Cold and items of Warmth (which actually resist frost damage in vanilla) all give a Warmth rating that I can tweak.

* and Flame Cloak spell also gives Warmth and a bit of resist front damage, as explained in the previous post.


Even a hand-crafted potion that gives X% resistance to Frost damage gives a scaled Warmth rating (to my great surprise :tongue:).
For example, in my initial tests, a potion of 17% resistance to Frost also gives +17 Warmth rating.


Note that Warmth does not remove Cold (survival) penalties as such ; it only slows down the impact of Cold temperatures.


Nb : I am not in a hurry. I don't find players are asking urgently for such Frost-Cold/Warmth survival logic at the moment.



UPDATE: I released the first version of this mod March 1st, 2022.

Feel free to criticise, suggest, or propose improvements.


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