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Paradroid - C64


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on the Classic Games thread, RoyB put Paradroid at the top of his List ! :laugh: good man! I agree


C64 - Paradroid

NES - Super Mario Bros.

Amiga - Pinball Dreams

Genesis - Sonic The Hedgehog

SNES - A Link to the Past

TurboDuo - SideArms


PS1 - Need for Speed High Stakes

N64 - 007

PS2 - GTA Vice City




the thing is that Paradroid can now be played on PC without a C64 emulator and that makes a big difference


Get the PC version here which is a cracker! I only noticed in the Paradroid game menu "LEVEL EDITOR" a couple of days ago , so ...... WE CAN DO OUR OWN LEVELS MATEY!!


can we have a Nexus page for the Mods then Please!!??? :cool:





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