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Any good reasons why a Skyrim addict should try Kingdom Come?


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Longtime Elder Scrolls player, here, who just recently got into KCD, herself. :D I would definitely recommend it for a Skyrim addict, although it is important to be aware that there are some pretty big differences in gameplay (set protagonist, first-person only, built-in hunger and sleep mechanics, steep combat learning curve, etc.).


  1. Unlike Skyrim, KCD has open cities (like Morrowind). You can freely move in and out of them with no loading screens. Fast travel is also available in regular mode.
  2. Horse combat. You can fight on horseback in this game (much like Mount&Blade), and simply having a mount is a big game-changer. Having one almost feels like a necessity, not an option you can easily dismiss.
  3. The soundtrack is on par with Jeremy Soule's work. It is highly immersive and wonderful to just listen to. Coupled with the beautiful scenery, it makes for some breathtaking moments where you just stop and go "Wow".
  4. There are a lot of well-staged cinematics that make you feel almost like you're watching a film instead of playing a game. As a result, it's also a lot more emotional.
  5. Despite it being a realistically-designed game in a real historical setting, you can still make potions that help you out in all sorts of situations. XD The alchemy process itself is also quite fun, requiring you to manually grind up and incorporate ingredients according to recipes, as well as operate a bellows and an hourglass.
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