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Note: Realized, and possible outside influences, on this story epic: (This Note will be updated over time.)




Command and Conquer???


Doctor Who


Fallout, of course!

Fallout internal fictional characters etc. such as Nukagirl and Grognak the Barbarian of the Unstoppables.




Jurassic Park


Mad Max


Resident Evil


Sesame Street




TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)




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Locations DC (can also be factions)


CitadelDC, advanced fortress taken over by the SteelOrderhood!


Five Domains: the Kingdom of Greg, Queendom of Mavis, Commonwealth of Samuel, Republic of Dave and the almost radical Collective of Lilly.


Futures Institute buried in a series of secret, underground, complexes.




LawRegulators HQs being one primary and three secondary ones.


Megaton, covered crater centered city with dud fusion bomb.


National Mall with features such as Lincoln Memorial.




Pentagons Old, Secret and New




Rivitcity of a riverside maritime museum of vessels, jetties and other features.


SWCR: South West Columbian Republic.


TechVault001DC of mysterious nature and much conjecture, possibly a SuperTechVault! There is more than one TechVault001 declared to exist.


TechVault002AO as whispered of SuperTechVault of TechCorp elites and those who serve them. Said to exist somewhere in DC!? AO means Alpha Omega but this meaning is an obscure one.


TechVault007CS of civil and military intelligence services and survival but also more than that!? Said to exist somewhere in DC!?


TechVault074DC of 'small size', apparently mostly destroyed!? Said to exist somewhere north in DC!? Details unknown!?


TechVault087DC with supermutants.


TechVault092DC of white noise experiment.


TechVault101DC with oppressive authority experiment.


TechVault106DC of drugs in the ventilation system.


TechVault108DC of clone and other experimentation.


TechVault112DC of advanced virtual reality experimentation.


White Castle (New White House)


White House (Secured Enclave). Museum and Cultural Centre.


XFISA (XFiles Investigations Security Agency) Washington Headquarters.


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Factions DC and Approaching DC


Atomic Faith Church of the Great Nuclear Blessing.


ASPWI Association of the Superior Powerful Wealthy and Influential.


Bikies as in Bikie Packs riding enclosed atomic hogs.


Bikers as in Biker Tribes riding enclosed motorbikes.

-See Hellsdemons below!


Caesar's Legionis Empire of hybrid human-animal animans.


Futures Institute buried in a series of secret, underground, complexes.


EagleEnclaven coming from the north.


Evil Raiders Union, ERU. Failures as raiders!


Galaxy Broadcasting Service, GBS.


Gangers of urban gangs


Gangsters of organised crime of which most known, wealthy, powerful and influential are the SyndicatesDC.


Ghoulkind of ghoulmans, ghoulers and more.


Hellsdemons: atomic motorbike riding bikies who are former EagleEnclavers having escaped from internal troubles including a schism due to EarthEnclaven interference!


Ironsides Mercenaries, as led by Marshal Ironsides who is really the EverChampion!


LawRegulators whose secretive purpose is hidden by more open ones and which, in turn, hides an even deeper one.




Reilly's Rangers as androids, cyborgs and humans.


Settlements Union.


Skynet as the Orbital Detection Defence Network.


SteelOrderhood being a break away from the SteelBrotherhood still remaining in California.

along with, in DC, the






SyndicatesDC being such as the MercSyndicateDC, SlaverSyndicateDC, ThievesSyndicateDC and SmugglersSyndicateDC.


Talonfang Mercenaries


TechCorps of WarTech, VaultTech, RoboTech, SciTech, TradeTech plus.


TechVault101: Increasing Overseer oppression and growing possibility of civil war. Home of the Vault Wanderer Jasmine Johnson.


UmbCorp (Umbrella Corporation) based centrally in the Hive beneath RacoonCity, satellite metropolis to WashingtonDC.


Uncle Leo and followers plus others including Lilly.


XFISA: XFiles Investigations Security Agency


:pirate: :ninja: :geek:




Owen Lyons, father of all below except for wife Serenity

Sarah, Stella, Serena, Samtha, Sasha Lyons of the SteelOrderhood

Susie was gone with their mother, Serenity


Companion Possibilities!?

Star Paladin Cross

Butch Deloris


Sergeant RL-3






My Own Trademarked Copyrighted 'Stuff'







--LittleFateSoldiers (LittleFateOnes)


--LittleFateGirlfriends (LittleFateOnes)


-LittleFateTechi (LittleFateMan?)




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Transferred from Post #1 to this one with some, hopefully entertaining, changes made.

Post #1 will now be for useful, even enlightening notes!


[1] SteelOrderhood First Arrives in Washington DC [1.1][0001]


The LittleFateObserver was active, was observing but not observed except by a very few!


From what had been California, from the schism with them and the SteelBrotherhood, came an air convoy of airships, airboats, virtibirds, big helicopters and other types of aircraft. At least half were large hodgepodge-airships intended only for that one way voyage.


They landed at the PreWW3 WashingtonDC CitadelDC. It had remained secure from intrusion since Doomsday that had ended WW3, fighting off all those who had aggressively attempted to conquer it but allowing others into restricted areas. Now it allowed the SteelOrder to occupy most of itself, that is the CitadelAIN (Artificial Intelligence Network) did so. Its numerous turrets, robots and other active defences allowed the newcomers in. There was even a nice range of filled vending machines to make them feel welcome, even if the items were often over 200 years old and more than a bit stale.


It was a busy time as Steelfollowers mingled with locals be they settlers, mercenaries, a loosely organised National Guard force, AIrobots and others, a few of more exotic nature than most.


Not that all had gotten to CitadelDC as one Steel Taskforce had gone to Pittsburgh and the LyonsPride Taskforce had been dropped off earlier in outermost WashingtonDC. Other special units had also ended up away from the CitadelDC or even WashingtonDC including one very deadly individual linked to LyonsPride.


It was no surprise that locals noted the arrival, including factions of which not all were happy with what was happening; the news travelled beyond the confines of the District of Columbia. The RepublicDC, the SyndicatesDC, the oncoming EagleEnclaven, the Futures Institution, the Settlements Union, Reilly's Rangers, the Evil Raiders' Union and the Galaxy Broadcasting Service all picked up the news but only the GBS went public with it; well, that was their business, after all.


It was promising to be a very interesting time to come.

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[1] SteelOrderhood First Arrives in Washington DC [2.1][0002]


The LittleFateObserver was active, was observing but not observed except by a very few!


LyonsPriders strode through the western outskirts of DC with the domed expanse, of WashingtonDC, in the distance. They passed atomic hovercars, being elegant monsters, while most vehicles were smaller electrics. A luxury town, domed of course but it was cracked, was replete with once expensive minimansions, condominiums, decorated apartment blocks for those who served and service-support complexes.


"Lots of smartmaterials to be recycled here." Vargas fired his battlerifle to send feralghouls running. Despite their reputation, such were not stupidly aggressive; those were the more dangerous ghoulers. "Would be a nice street if it weren't for the ferals, the clinging mutated lawn and the activated, high grade, security systems of the stupid rich."


Bribing locals had gained them whispers of the super wealthy having built underground bunkers filled with them, loyal followers, animals and a whole lot of autorobotics. There was only one that they wanted that belonged to the super genius family that had invented steyel and so much else not all being aimed at the high profit tech markets.


Their power armour was light-fast suited for their needs but it was still heavy enough to easily deal with attacks by most threats be they be by radroaches, muttdogs or low down bandits skulking amongst the mutated growths and often abandoned structures.


They kept pacing forward, carefully avoiding still active gardening robots vainly fighting against the influx of mutated plants.

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[1] SteelOrderhood First Arrives in Washington DC [3.1][0003]


The LittleFateObserver was active, was observing but not observed except by a very few!


PrimeElder Owen Lyons studied the big 3Dwallscreen showing a general layout of the CitadelDC's upper most three levels.


In the wide spread ground level, and two above that, there was a big, three layer, Cultural Centre that had served visitors be they VIPs or general citizens. There were areas of public relations, security, general administration, general command, tech service support, observation platforms, helipads and other expected features.


The CitadelDC had been converted to peace time service as in the use of its upper three levels while its lower, deeper underground, layers had been closed down and sealed up; or so ran the official story but Owen knew better.


He was grateful that the SteelOrderhood had abandoned the more cumbersome Elder robes of the SteelBrotherhood to take one a design far easier to move around it while retaining much protection.


The chamber was in the Cultural Centre with display cases along one wall filled with robots, side arms, medals and other military related displays. Military history, of the USA, was prominent and largely patriotic in nature, meaning only loosely related to the truth.


CitadelAIN spoke to him from a discrete speaker system and as a warm, strong, female voice. "You have noted the blank spaces, the inconsistencies of layout and other puzzles with the layout. One did the same but the real mysteries become stronger the deeper one goes. Beyond the third level is beyond my knowledge let alone my control except for the results of some special research that I have done over the last 200 years."


The second level down was where people dwelt, where they worked and carried out other activities. With some effort it had been converted from a large number of service support, admin, and other uses though many had also staid the same to serve the newcomers. Only a handful had been there from Doomsday and before that during WW3 (World War Three).


Owen spoke. "Before we (the SteelOrderhood) came here we obtained valuable resources from a mysterious benefactor; it included information. We will share that data with you and in return you will show us what you know, perhaps including what you have so far hidden from us."


CitadelAIN: "I will do one's best taking into considering programmed limitations; still, together we may work around those limitations."


Thus an important deal was made that would have consequences that neither of them foresaw back then.

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[1] SteelOrderhood First Arrives in Washington DC [4.1][0004]


The LittleFateObserver was active, was observing but not observed except by a very few!


Two dead bandits, ghoulish but not totally ghoulified, were dragged by robots to be dropped into the chute of a mobile recycling machine. The large, mobile, device hummed strangely. The two moderately armoured-armed robots then began searching for other possible victims. They paused to pick up the weapons, of the scruffy bandits, and to drop them into the recycling chute.


The LyonsPriders moved onwards, undetected by the fairly hulking robots. Behind them the robots began to drop cut grasses into the recycler.


Vargas spoke through the 2ways. "Efficient way to gain resources, recycling even dead bandits. I wonder if those robots killed the bandits."


Sentinel Sarah Lyons, daughter to the PrimeElder Owen Lyons, spoke. "There is some kind of subtle, troubling, background presence that I have become increasingly aware of. Reminds me of... an incident in my older childhood back in the LostHills. Father took me on a patrol, back before he was even a Elder, and we encountered a research facility. It was mostly destroyed. He would not let me go in but only took with him five extremely dangerous comrades including a psyker. After they left the facility it was destroyed by a blast caused by at least four mininukes. The strangely disturbing sensation, that had been there, was then gone but it 'felt' just like this one now but this time it is stronger."


Understandably, Knight Lieutenant Vargas was not pleased at what Sarah was saying, especially since he did not deal very well with the exotic.


They continued along the street that they had been going along before they encountered the robots and dead bandits. It was odd that while some technologies appeared to be functioning fine, and actively so, while others were not active.

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[1] SteelOrderhood First Arrives in Washington DC [5.1][0005]


The LittleFateObserver was active, was observing but not observed except by a very few!


The massive massamoth Uncle Leo led his people through the ravaged rubble of what had been a trendy inner suburb of WashingtonDC. With him was the happy, childish, Lilly the even more massive behamoth of a supermutant. There were other supermutants, as led by the supermutant Uncle Leo, but also ghoulified, radhumans, mutants, animals and other entities including androids plus robots.


Even as they travelled, Uncle Leo listened to a radio broadcast news bulletin from Galaxy Broadcasting WDC, or GBWDC. 3Dog was doing his usual precise ramble and informing, all those that could and would listen, of the arrival of the SteelOrderhood in WashingtonDC.


Uncle Leo sighed, gently gripping one of Lilly's hands as much as he could so as to keep his niece comforted; as a powerful psychic he knew that she saw herself as the sweet, little, girl she had once been.


The OracleDC 's prophecy was becoming more strongly, more noticeably, true for the coming to the city, of the large force from the east, had been an important phase of that prediction.


It was definitely time to meet the 'others' in the sanctuary but then again they had already been going in that direction.


The howl, of a deathclaw, echoed briefly through the area as it warned others, of its kind, to stay clear of its territory.


Overhead a dronebot flew quickly through the air but Uncle Leo detected that it was a courier and not a spy in the sky. It could have belonged to a wide range of WDC Factions but most could not even begin to own, or operate, such hitech.

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[1] SteelOrderhood First Arrives in Washington DC [6.1][0006]


The LittleFateObserver was active, was observing but not observed except by a very few!


Skynet fought the GDN, Global Defence Network, in low to high orbit despite that they had been originally intended to work together. Skynet was nearly all autorobotic while the GDN had both that and enhanced organics serving it. That night there were just visible flashes of energy high overhead WashingtonDC as another skirmish broke out between Skynet hunter-killers and GDN fighterships; there were other types of weapons used by both sides.


The SteelFactions looked worriedly to the sky at such times but were far from the only world wide factions to do so. Of the two, Skynet was most feared since it had gone rogue and had helped instigate World War Three by launching a series of nuclear OSBMs, orbit to surface ballistic missiles, at cities but most had been destroyed by the GDN and other counter superweapon defence programs along with more mysterious factions.


Lyons Pride paused in their mission and Uncle Leo's group took shelter in a rubble buried underground carpark of five levels. At the Galaxy Broadcasting Tower, 3Dog reported briefly on what was happening in case space junk came crashing down to DC. This did not happen often but when it did it could be very devastating.


Then there was the LittleFateFamily...

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[1] SteelOrderhood First Arrives in Washington DC [7.1][0007]


The LittleFateObserver was active, was observing but not observed except by a very few!


The LyonsPriders found their way into an underground utility tunnel of a kind often found in cities across the world. Lights still illuminated areas but mostly of the paler emergency kind. Machines thrummed softly in the background either exposed or hidden behind metal walls. Twice they came upon security gun-turrets but in both cases they were inactive as were the security network-systems that controlled them. In one chamber they found robotic bays of which half contained tron robots of different kinds.


They found the desiccated, shrunken, bodies of gangers in a large chamber. They were of both sexes and none of their equipment-supplies had been touched. The area was littered with used cartridge cases.


They moved on even as Sarah 'felt' a short, sharp, spike of psychic threat but it was gone very quickly just as it had first appeared.


After a time they took a break in a chamber with a preserver equipped vending machine. The NukaCoffee that came from it, along with bags of chips and biscuits, were thus fresh. They sipped the beverage and ate the fairly nutritional food. It was done partly to keep their field rations for when they were needed.


The sense of background threat had become more confused as it seemed that there was more than one source being of differing natures.

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