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[2] Growing Struggles in DC and Beyond [48.1][0060]


The LittleFateObserver was active, was observing but not observed except by a very few!


ShadozeShellica slid over the superconcrete floor, hissing disturbing welcomes to the others there, as it represented indirectly the Shadozen Emperors and, more directly, the Shadozen Inner High Empire of 55 Solitudes.


Chaoslord Trusted High Central Envoy CrassinliIts, of the 111,675,104,228th Chaoslordic Government Collapsing, kept glancing at his data bracelet for that government was due to finish collapsing at any moment soon; it would be replaced by the 111,675,104,229th Chaoslordic Government Pending Collapse. CrassinliIts would likely survive but in what political, legal, social sense was an unknown. He paced with a habitual nervousness, fearfulness, both sensible for a Chaoslord and well known for them. His hoodrobe was designed, to be adapted to his new status, with very little effort.


Supremely, extremely, insanely arrogant Orderlords came as a Supreme High Order Triad constantly keeping hard watch on each other as well as selected others. They wore energy armour with extra protection back between the shoulder blades that was very good against stabbing energy daggers.


Timemaster Diplomat Exploitative Sericsericna, a criminal rogue Timelord of a whole big faction of them, came then in an offensively garish Timelord Elder type garb. Behind her came some high ranking daleks in polished, golden, hovercones along with converted dalekmans of humans and other humanoids. With them were lesser ranking Timemasters of lesser castes and bodyguards in hybrid energy power armour suits.


Those were only the first to arrive and far from either the most powerful or least so! The great irony was that none of them were, or would be, there willingly!


So how come they were there and why so?

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[2] Growing Struggles in DC and Beyond [49.1][0061]


The LittleFateObserver was active, was observing but not observed except by a very few!


To the north, of DC, the newly named EagleEnclaven Alliance Army moved slowly-steadily towards WashingtonDC being so large that all retreated either to the sides, or before it. The invaders did not bother with most locals that they came upon largely because they could not afford to waste time or other resources. They, amongst others, noticed 2,000 more green-white striped parachute-crates coming down from the sky high above and managed to grab 1,000 of them, which was no accident. This was only good because it made them less prone to looting those who had failed to get away and slowed down that army so it could claim those prizes.


The invaders went past TechVault881PV (Pennsylvania) while the vaultfolk triple secured everything and tried best to prepare for trouble; they were ignored! Then Serenity, Susie, the LittleFateGeneral and their companions entered that techvault only to inform them that the EagleEnclaven had no real interest in them, at least for the moment. They offered to assist those vaultfolk and the offer was eagerly accepted.


At the Holocaust Museum the Ironsides Mercenaries were finished fortifying that museum but also neighboring ones of the National Mall! That is the History, Science Technologies, Natural, Military, Social, Miscellaneous and more. There were also offices, tech areas, shops, cafes, smaller exhibits, a holographic theatre, a 3Dcinema, public amenities, vending-machines and much else. Then, almost maybe suddenly, it all became absorbed into the Monomultiplexity.


Both the Antagonizer and Mechanicist vanished away from the settlement of Canterbury Commons; though most locals were simply happy to have them gone, a few suspected it was a not really a good sign.


The first spiritual psychic signal went out to start waking the Chosen Ones to their true nature and the tasks that they had pledged to carry out, the goals that they had promised to meet and the general protocols that they needed to follow and would do so.

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[2] Growing Struggles in DC and Beyond [50.1][0062]


It was at this time that the Rainbowsphere, still floating quietly with its companion of an off white floating sphere, began to act more obviously, openly and surprisingly.


The Lyons Sextuplets awoke as a Chosen One!


In the SecuredHive the 13Geniuses13 were discovered in status inside floating, translucent, spheres and around them were a whole lot of amazing revelations!


Struggles, in DC and beyond, began to become larger, more aggressive and even more revealing in some ways as to what was really behind them.


Bab, Beb, Bib, Bob and Bub discovered some NukaCola Quantum but their LittleFateMum convinced them it was better not to drink them, one of them not needing to be told so but only one of them.

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I apologise for disappointing any of you but I am going to try for a 'simplified, stretched out, more focused in sections' type version of a multiple crossover with some adaptation and a few of my own trademarked, copyrighted, elements added. I am doing this to try to, for once and for all, deal with my propensity to over complicate a plot too quickly and not to get to the point! So more smaller stories within the bigger ones, more down to earth scenes, more monologue-dialogue, more ninjas as suggested below and so on! I am doing this so as to work with the novel that I am trying to write with out over complicating.


May the Goddess (God) bless and help protect us, our loved ones, and that which is truly ours.

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